Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Engineering

Key dates

For doctoral student

Please find important information about key dates for doctoral student through the links below. 

If you are about to graduate, please find the key dates by scrolling down the page. 

Annual enrolment (

Teaching and evaluation periods, academic year 2022-2023 (

Doctoral programme committee (meeting schedule and application deadlines)

Funding possibilities

Each full-time doctoral student must have an advisory group. Advisory group evaluation must be done at least four (4) times during doctoral studies. Please read the instructions and required timeline from the page linked below.

Advisory group CHEM

For graduating doctoral student

Graduation dates (

Doctoral programme committee (meeting schedule and application deadlines)Instructions from pre-examination to graduation

Survey and agreement for newly graduated doctors
In this survey you can also provide your updated contact information so that we can be in touch i.e. related to conferment ceremony, thesis competitions and career surveys.

Graduation ceremony at School of Chemical Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering's graduation ceremony is held four times a year; two ceremonies in the autumn term and two ceremonies in the spring term. Degree certificates are handed out in the graduation ceremony unless agreed otherwise. Invitation to the ceremony is sent via email and more detailed instructions will be given after one has confirmed their participation. 

If you are unable to attend to the graduation ceremony and need the degree certificate earlier, please contact the Study coordinator of the doctoral programme

Please see the schedule from the table below.

Graduation date Graduation ceremony 
30 April and May 2023 14 June 2023
30 June and July 2023 27 September 2023
25 August 2023 27 September 2023
30 Sep. and October 2023 13 December 2023

24 November 2023

30 December 2023

13 December 2023

March 2024

CHEM graduation ceremony for receiving your degree certificates Wed, September 27, 2023, arrive at 15:45, and Wed, December 13, 2023, arrive at 15:45 to the second floor main lobby of Kemistintie 1. You will receive an email invitation and must confirm your attendance and that of your guests.

Ceremonial conferment for graduated doctors is organized in June every year. 

Ceremonial conferment

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