Drop-in-service counselling (Starting Point of Wellbeing) with Aalto's study and career counselling psychologists

We provide Aalto’s bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree students with free, confidential and secure drop-in-service counselling online from Monday to Friday, 10.00–11.00. A service counselling appointment begins in a chatroom (click the button "INFO CHAT") from where you will be invited to join a video call.

Contact us if you are feeling stuck with your studies or career prospects!

Students typically contact us to discuss matters such as time management, study methods, motivation, study-related stress and anxiety, coping with the workload, getting back to studying after a break, the effect of their health or life situation on their studies, and their future and career. You are warmly welcome to contact us if you are wondering where to find support and whether you would benefit from talking to one of Aalto’s psychologists!

Privacy and confidentiality

Study- and career planning psychologists in Into
Starting Point of Wellbeing
Psychologist for doctoral students
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