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BIZ internships in Finland

This page has information on internships and internship support in Finland for School of Business students.

Study credits for internship

Students have the possibility to include an internship into both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. The inclusion of an internship in the degree should always be agreed upon in your own programme.

See more information about applying for internship credits in the Student Guide, instructions can be found on the pages of your own programme (Programme -> During the studies -> Other studies). If you have questions about credits, see your programmes website for more information or contact your programme or Learning Services at [email protected]

Are you studying in  Aalto Mikkeli BScBA programme? Please see more information about the internships for Mikkeli students.

Supported internships in Finland

Please note the summer break. Internship support contracts for internships in Finland are not processed during 20.6.-12.8. If you are starting your internship during this period or in early autumn, be in touch with us in good time before the internship starts. Internship vouchers (for internships in Finland) are granted throughout the summer.


The information in this page regards supported internships in Finland (voucher internships) and its practices.

We encourage our students to do an internship during their studies. The aim of the internships is to familiarize yourself with the tasks of your own field of education and to promote the development of professional expertise. Big companies offer many internship positions for business students in Finland, but internships are also available in other sectors.

Are you interested in doing an internship in a micro, small or medium-sized company? How about in the non-profit organizations or in the organizations or ministries of the Finnish government?

Some of these internships may require internship support from the university. School of Business students have the opportunity to apply for an internship voucher in order to get an internship at places that require this support. According to the feedback collected by Career Services, students have been very satisfied with the supported internships and their content and practical processes.

Internship support enables internship in places that require internship support

Aalto University School of Business provides funding to micro, small and medium sized companies, non-profit organizations and Finnish state organizations (incl. Finnish embassies and permanent representations abroad) in Finland for employing School of Business international degree students as interns. This internship support for micro, small and medium sized companies is not available for Finnish nationals. 

The voucher application period continues throughout the year as long as there are internship support available.

Information on this page is targeted for School of Business international students. If you are a Finnish School of Business student, please see BIZ harjoittelu Suomessa.

Practices included in voucher internships

You should prepare well for the internship. You can e.g. read more on preparing for an internship on how to make the most of your international internship pages, as applicable.

Below you will find more information about voucher internship practices, including the preparation of a Learning Contract and a report and giving feedback

Contact information

 Tanja Makkonen

Tanja Makkonen

Career Services / BIZ internship support
Or be in touch: [email protected] Questions regarding study credits: [email protected]
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