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Recommendation on Business Collaboration

When research is done in collaboration with companies, research is often done at the interface of two different cultures. One of the special features of collaborative research projects is the balance between open and confidential information and the coordination of the interests of the research organization and the companies. These are challenging for both researchers and their organizations.

The Recommendation on Transparency in Business Cooperation is intended for researchers and support staff working in research organizations who prepare and implement research, development and innovation projects in cooperation with companies. The recommendation on business cooperation sets out the starting points and means for promoting transparency in RDI projects carried out in co-operation between companies and research organizations.

The recommendation is based on the life cycle of the study. The recommendation reviews the key issues to be agreed upon at the start of the study and the actions to be taken during and at the end of the study. The recommendation also includes a clear checklist to support business projects.

The starting point for enabling transparency in business projects is the discussion with the business partner during the project planning phase, building trust and understanding of the goals and needs of both parties.

The recommendation describes ways to take into account complex requirements and to enable the interests of different parties without compromising transparency.

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