Open science and research

National Declaration, Policies and Recommendations of Open Science and Reasearch

The open science declaration offers a unified direction and vision, seamlessly integrating open science and research into researchers' everyday work. Its shared goal is to promote openness as a core scientific value, enhance research relevance in society, and boost research mobility and impact. Open science policies and recommendations set guidelines for publications, data and methods, scholarship, and learning.

Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020 - 2025

The Finnish research community has jointly created a Declaration for Open Science and Research. The declaration was approved in 2019. Aalto University has signed the declaration.

The declaration provides a common direction for the development of the research community and defines four strategic objectives that specify how openness will become part of the daily life of researchers and scientists. The goals are defined by the research community for:

  • research culture
  • open access to research publications,
  • open access to research data and methods; and
  • open education and educational resources as promoted by the research community.

By agreeing to clear common principles and practices to promote open science and research, the research community has created a space where science and research can remain independent of external influences.

The declaration is also the joint response of the Finnish research community to international open science and research policies. International developments affect the Finnish research community in various international organizations and activities.

Policies and Recommendations of Open Science and Research in Finland

Policies of open science and research in Finland outline in detail the strategic principles, objectives and action plans necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Declaration for Open Science and Research.

The policies are and will be drafted for four areas: culture for open scholarship, open access to scholarly publications, open access of research data and methods, and open education and open access to educational resources.

Policies of Open Science and Research in FinlandRecommendations of Open Science and Resarch in Finland

Have a look at other national open science policies and recommendations

National Open Scholarship Policy

Finland was one of the first countries to publish an open scholarship policy in 2022. The policy includes, among others, recommendations for citizen science and business collaboration.

Open Scholarship by Dora

Citizen Science

Citizen science and citizens’ participation have emerged as new models of scientific research. Citizen science refers to engaging the public in research following scientifically valid methodologies and frequently carried out with web-based platforms and social media.

Citizen science

Recommendation on Business Collaboration

Open Science Recommendation and Checklist for Collaborative Research, Development and Innovation in Research Organizations and Business .

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