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National Open Scholarship Policy

Finland was one of the first countries to publish an open scholarship policy in 2022. The policy includes, among others, recommendations for citizen science and business collaboration.

National open scholarship policy contains three strategic principles and seven objectives:  

The strategic principles of the policy are:

  1. Responsibility,  i.e.  reliability,  ethics,  repeatability  and  transparency, is a precondition for openness.
  2. The openness of the culture requires reciprocity, which is manifested in interaction that benefits both internal and external activities of the organisation.
  3. The realisation of a culture of open scholarship requires transparency, services and incentives.

The organisation must strive to achieve the objectives set out in this policy by 2025 at the latest.

The objectives of the policy are:

  1. Culture of open scholarship: The organisation has entrusted and scheduled the coordination, implementation and monitoring of open science services and sufficient support for the interaction of researchers with different actors in society. 
  2. Business  collaboration. The organisation promotes openness in research conducted in business collaboration by providing researchers with adequate and appropriate support and training.
  3. Citizen science. The organisation promotes the operational preconditions for citizen science by providing sufficient and appropriate support and training to the involved researchers and other parties.
  4. Education. The organisation promotes the culture of open education by providing up-to-date services to ensure that all persons providing education have equal opportunities to organise open education and to prepare and publish open educational resources regardless of the organisation, field of education or career stage.
  5. Research data. The organisation promotes the transparency of research data in accordance with the FAIR principles. Services are available for research organisation personnel and students at all stages of the data lifecycle. The services ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to access at least the metadata of the research and, when feasible, all research data available for reuse regardless of the organisation, field of research, funding base or career stage.
  6. Publications. The organisation promotes the culture of open publication by providing up-to-date services to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to openly publish the results of their research and development work regardless of the organisation, field of research, funding base or career stage.
  7. Responsible assessment. The organisation has at its disposal practices, criteria and a knowledge base for documenting diverse outputs and merits that promote open science and its culture as part of the assessment and merit of Finnish research organisations and their personnel.

Several activities are listed in reaching each objective. 

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Handshake Berdea, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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