Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Short films for you to watch and discuss

Watch the films (links underneath)! Have you experienced similar feelings? How have you reacted? Share your thoughts with your colleagues and friends!
Self-Compassion I: A Mental Prison. Short film by Merita Petäjä and Eero Tiilkainen, 2018.

Self-Compassion I: Prison of the Mind (external link)

What happens when we notice that one of us is missing? A short film by Merita Petäjä and Eero Tiilikainen (Aalto University, 2018)

Compassion II movie pic Stefan Scherer 2021

Self-Compassion II: Good Luck (external link)

A groundhog day approach to self-leadership and self compassion. Short film by Merita Petäjä and Eero Tiilikainen, produced by Aalto AllWell / Sakari Heiskanen, 2021.

Keys to Your Wellbeing I: Dealing With Feelings

We can try to accept and explore difficult feelings. How? A wellbeing package for your use, produced by Aalto wellbeing professionals.

Dealing With Feelings

Benefits of Calmness: mindfulness and other calming practices for You

Mindfulness and other soothing practices can be useful tools for you!

Mindfulness Excercises
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