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As we enter summer season it is time to think of the ways we can relax. Oasis of Radical Wellbeing offers you a package of knowhow!

If man was a machine...

Liisa Uusitalo-Arola's blog about recovery.

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Recovery. Picture by Merita Petäjä 2022.

How to use music as a wellbeing tool?

Music is a way to convey certain kinds of emotional states and experiences through sounds. Hence, music can be used to aim for suitable emotional states.

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Podcast episodes

The Best Thing Today Psychology Podcast (Summer Green)

Recovery in academia – are we too busy to recover? (external link)

Maria Törnroos and Maija Taka present research and practical tips on how to balance productivity, recovery, and wellbeing.

Benefits of Calmness: mindfulness and other calming practices for You

Mindfulness and other soothing practices can be useful tools for you!

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Mindfulness Excercises
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