Space 21 is now officially open – come visit and explore!

Come and join us for the monthly morning coffees at Space 21, the living room of Radical Creativity, and become part of the curious and creative community
Space 21 logo taped on the glass door with the place itself visible through it.
Space 21 is now officially open and welcomes all members of Aalto community. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Space 21 housewarming took place in March, and the place is now ready to kick off at full steam. In many ways, launch event reflected Space 21 at its best and showcased the place just like it is supposed to be. People from all over Aalto University, from different schools, and faculties, spent an evening together, had engaging conversations with each other and explored the wide spectrum of possibilities the space has to offer.

After two years of peculiar life lived under the shadow of pandemic, many people yearn for sincere human connection and sense of community. That, amongst many other things, is what Space 21 will offer. It is a collective hub for curious people, eager to experiment and create something of their own.

Smell of the fresh coffee crawls in the corridors nearly around the clock, and when you stop by in the common room there is often a vivid conversation going on. It would be easy to spend one – or several – full workday just to get to know all the projects already taken over some of the studios. Studios have already hosted an audio-visual exhibition, a mending workshop and an experimental photography – just to mention a few.

The whole team behind the scenes is happy to see the spaces coming alive, fostering all kinds of projects big and small, and witnessing the growth of a warm community.

Now that Space 21 has landed on campus and its dust has been shaken off, we are ready to welcome all Aalto community to join us. If you are interested in exploring the place and its possibilities in person or would be curious to learn more about Space 21 or Radical Creativity in general, we have good news for you!

Radical Creativity team will host monthly morning coffees at Space 21 every 4th Thursday of a month at 9-11.

These open house events are a great opportunity to experience the famous coffee machine in action and the best coffee on campus, have a light breakfast on the side and ask anything that you might have on your mind considering the facilities, possibilities or anything related to Radical Creativity.

Next possibility to join for a morning coffee is on May 25 at 9-11 – exceptionally on Wednesday, as the Thursday on that week is a bank holiday!

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Five students building an installation in a rough project space.

Space 21 - a new project space for experimentation!

Space 21, a new project space for the use of all Aalto community, will open its doors in spring 2022

Photo of Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator.

Space 21 coordinator Jason Selvarajan encourages everyone to experiment

Get to know Jason Selvarajan, coordinator of Space 21, Aalto's new project space

Still of textile innovation animation with Space 21 logo on top.

Space 21

Space 21 offers free project and studio spaces for facilitating collaboration, experimentation and radically new thinking and doing.

Radical creativity illustration: Anna Muchenikova

Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

Our strategy
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