All you need is an idea - we have space for it

Space 21 is for unexpected ideas, outcomes and encounters. It is a cluster of rough, free project spaces that Aalto offers to encourage experimenting and creative collaboration within its community. Students, staff and faculty are all equally welcome to make their ideas reality, let their radical creativity flow free and explore the realms of unexpected.

Curious to see what Space 21 is all about? Join us for our monthly morning coffees.

Colourful flower projected onto the wall in dark room. Part of audio-visual exhibition by Anze Bratus in Space 21.
Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Give your ideas room to grow

Bring ideas alive, pilot them and foster novel and creative thinking in Space 21. You can modify the space to serve your needs and utilise shared tools for your own projects. During breaks, enjoy a cup of coffee and the sense of community.

We offer:

  • Flexible access
  • Tools for experimenting
  • Chance to create your own space
  • Place to connect with like-minded people
  • Damn good coffee - and shared kitchen you can use freely!

How to book a space?

Do you have an idea that requires a space? Great, we are here for you.

To book a space, you can simply fill in the application form. If you have something to ask or would for example like a tour around the premises and visit there in person before you apply, you can email us [email protected] or get directly in touch with coordinator Jason Selvarajan.

What makes Space 21 unique?

    Space 21 corridors full of people, picture taken from the empty room through glass walls.


    Adaptable project and studio spaces that can be modified to serve different needs. We hope that Space 21 would be able to serve as many users as possible, and that it could be used to build up variety of projects and ideas.

    Photo: Lassi Savolainen

    Students in front of the interactive digital mural in Space 21.


    Space 21 is built to facilitate a wide scale of different projects and ideas. These could be for example:

    • Showcasing prototypes and experiments
    • Demonstrating concrete examples
    • Showcasing piece of arts, works and outcomes
    • Sharing and launching projects

    Or anything else. Feel free to think outside of the box.

    Photo: Mikko Raskinen

    Two people looking something together.


    People are in the heart of Space 21. We aim to build a community and culture of free experimentation and novel thinking by bringing bold thinkers from all levels and disciplines under the same roof.

    Photo: George Atanassov

    Two fingers pointing each others.


    Space 21 is a no-mans-land where everyone is equal and equally welcome. It is an informal place that supports unexpected encounters and interaction between students, staff and faculty.

    Photo: Bijan Mokhtari

    Campus map with Space 21 location and route from metro to there.
    Space 21 location on map

    Just a few steps away

    Space 21 is not far from anywhere. It is located at Vuorimiehentie 2 A, which is only 300 meters away from Aalto University metro station and nearest bus stop. Central location makes it very convenient, whether you live nearby or come by using public transport.

    Entrance is on Vuorimiehentie. Route from metro (Otaniementie exit) to entrance is presented on the map. There is also a video in our Instagram highlights that walks you from metro to Space 21.

    Dig deeper

    Do you have some unanswered questions on your mind? Frequently asked questions should provide you most of the answers.

    Onboarding sheds light on the whole Space 21 process, which could prove useful if you plan on joining the community and using the spaces, or are just generally interested in the concept.

    Still from textile innovation animation with white Space 21 logo.

    Space 21 - FAQ

    All the common questions about Space 21 answered and gathered to one place.

    Space 21
    Still from textile innovation animation with white Space 21 logo.

    Space 21: Onboarding

    Essential information and instructions for potential or current Space 21 users, or anyone who is curious to learn more about the concept

    Space 21
    Photo of Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator.
    Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator. Photo: Sheung Yiu

    Meet our coordinator

    Jason Selvarajan keeps the place up and running: handles the bookings, gives you access to spaces and helps you with all practical issues you might run into. He is also familiar with all tools and devices and will help you in case you need some assistance with those.

    Read more about Jason

    Jason Selvarajan
    Space 21 coordinator
    [email protected]
    +358 50 570 8552

    News about Space 21

    Space 21 logo taped on the glass door with the place itself visible through it.

    Space 21 is now officially open – come visit and explore!

    Radical Creativity team will be hosting monthly morning coffees at Space 21, the living room of Radical Creativity

    Photo of Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator.

    Space 21 coordinator Jason Selvarajan encourages everyone to experiment

    Get to know Jason Selvarajan, coordinator of Space 21, Aalto's new project space

    White coffee cup with Space 21 logo, space's common room on the background.

    Space 21 monthly morning coffees in Autumn 2023

    Start your day with the best coffee on campus in the living room of radical creativity. The entire Aalto community is invited – check the schedule for Autumn 2023 below.


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