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Aalto University offers free and open to all training in research data management (RDM) and open science twice a year. Lecturers include our Data Agents, legal counsels, and even a few guest experts outside of Aalto. Register now!
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Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting out, our webinars provide valuable opportunities to reevaluate your working methods, acquire new insights, and enhance existing knowledge on open science and research. Our webinars remain free and accessible to all, regardless of prior knowledge. While the primary audience includes researchers, university staff, and students, anyone with an interest in these subjects is encouraged to join. Each training season introduces entirely new topics, along with updates to our recurring webinars based on your valuable feedback.

New topics this spring include, for example:

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Many of our webinars will be recorded and published on the Aalto Research Services YouTube channel. There you can also find previous recordings. Our lectures include interactive segments or a Q&A session at the end, which won't be recorded to respect your privacy. We encourage you to actively participate, pose questions to our experts, and contribute to the discussion. While some sessions may feature specific information regarding Aalto researchers, the fundamental principles we delve into are universally applicable.

Join the conversation – we're excited to see you in the spring training sessions!

Questions about the training and data management can be sent to: [email protected]

RDM and open science support at Aalto University:

Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Properly managed research data creates competitive edge and is an important part of a high-quality research process. Here you will find links to support, services and instructions for research data management.

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Training in Research Data Management and Open Science

We offer free and open to all training in research data management and open science.

RDM & Open Science Training

Data Agents

Data Agents are researchers who work to improve data management in their department, school, or unit.

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Open science and research

The principle of openness is the key principle of science and research. At Aalto University, the most visible forms of open science are open access publications, open research data and metadata, and combining openness and commercialisation.

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Unite! White paper - a new university open science and innovation governance model and policy for a sustainable world
Cooperation, University Published:

Unite!’s pathway for the management of open science and innovation in the European Universities Alliances

Unite! presents a new university open science and innovation governance model and five policy recommendations.
The magnetic properties of a material can affect how it interacts with light.
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A new optical metamaterial makes true one-way glass possible

Researchers have discovered how to make a new optical metamaterial that would underpin a variety of new technologies.
Mikko Alava ja kolme muuta tutkimusryhmän jäsentä kuvattuna teknisen laitteen äärellä.
Research & Art Published:

Significant grants for science from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

A total of thirty individuals and research groups from Aalto University received grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for science and art. Professors Harri Lipsanen and Zhipei Sun and their team, were awarded a large grant to develop electronic components mimicking the structure and function of the human brain. Among the grantees is also Professor Mikko Alava, whose team is developing water-resistant foams as substitutes for plastic using AI-based methods.
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Landscape architect Anu Hakola receives Lappset prize

Hakola’s Master’s thesis examines memorial trees and their significance as part of the commemoration of the deceased.