Mind & Study - toolbox for being well in studies is organized also in English

Do you want to improve your study wellbeing and skills using peer support and researched information? After taking this course, you will recognize the factors that affect your own ability to study and your wellbeing, and you will understand the importance of those in terms of meaningfully smooth studying. In addition, you will learn skills with which you can achieve study goals, which are meaningful to you, without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

Course structure and content 

The overarching purpose of the course is to give you tools for healthy studying. The structure uses the FSHS’s (YTHS) study ability model and the online materials of Aalto's study and career counselling psychologists. There are also methods of acceptance and commitment therapy in the background. 

The course introduces weekly study skills and wellbeing themes: 

  • Week 0: Pre-assignment, the return of which on time is also a prerequisite for continuing the course and entering the small group! 
  • Week 1: Towards being well in studying. The week includes a meeting to start the course on Zoom
  • Week 2: Meaningful use of time 
  • Week 3: Space for recovery and focus on studying 
  • Week 4: Study techniques: How do I study? 
  • Week 5: A place to pause - time for thoughts and feelings 
  • Week 6: In search of a compassionate-self 

You do the course online, as guided online-work, and it progresses weekly. Please note that participation requires that the preliminary assignment is ready in the given schedule. Each week includes online independent exercises and a group meeting as agreed by the group (live or remotely). 

Both individual and group assignments for each course week are returned by each Sunday of the course week. Group work is a central part of the course. In the course, you practice giving and receiving encouraging feedback, as well as drawing up joint schedules and committing to them. 

The course is evaluated on a pass/fail scale. Completing the course successfully requires doing weekly assignments, participating in small group work, and returning assigned assignments in the given schedule. 

Picture of the themes of this course

Not registered yet? 

The course will be held in Finnish and English twice in the spring of 2024 (in the 3rd and 4th periods). You can find the course on Sisu by searching for it under the name "Mind & Study - toolbox for being well in studies (3 CR)" or with the course code CS-CV0005. Read the course schedule and other instructions carefully! Add the course to Sisu HOPS and register for the implementation of the 3rd period by 8.1.2024 10 a.m. and 4th period by 26.2.2024 10.00 a.m. When registering, choose one of the available groups according to the level of your studies (bachelor's or master's and doctoral students) and the language of implementation (Finnish or English). 

The goal of the course is to support coping, wellbeing and success in studies, but it is not a therapeutic group and is therefore not necessarily suitable for students currently in very challenging life situations. 

Contact information of the course teachers: 

The responsible teacher is Anni Rytkönen (anni.rytkonen(a) teamed up with Aalto's study psychologists in the implementation. 

Logo of Starting Point of Wellbeing

Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students easy access to counselling and advice on matters of well-being and study ability. The services available to you include drop-in (no reservation) advising/counselling sessions, peer support groups, and online materials. You can also make an appointment to receive individual counselling.

Study at Aalto

Groups, workshops and online materials for supporting wellbeing and study ability

This page has groups, workshops and online (MyCourses) material organised by Aalto in the area of well-being. The groups and workshops are conducted in Finnish or English.

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Where to get guidance and support?

Guidance and support for study planning, study wellbeing, and career reflections for Aalto students.


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