Contribute to our living strategy - answer the University Preview 2023 survey

All Aaltonians and stakeholders are warmly invited to share their thoughts through an online survey by 30 September
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Aalto University has adopted a living strategy approach tailored for a world in motion. This strategy includes specific development actions for research, education, impact, and enablers. Additionally, the strategy aims to promote cross-cutting approaches, namely solutions for sustainability, radical creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset. As a community, we proactively and continuously re-evaluate our choices. We choose development areas and actions that best drive us towards our purpose. 

Now we ask for input from all members of the Aalto University community to help us evaluate the relevance of our purpose and values, the focus of our development, and the major trends that shape us.​ Please provide your contribution by responding to the survey by 30 September.

Answer the survey

The survey is part of the university’s annual process called University Preview. Read more below and in the Aalto Handbook

Aalto community members were also invited to share their thoughts and discuss the university's strategic direction with the University Board in a community event on 13 September (please log-in with your Aalto credentials). 

University Preview 2023

The University Preview is a communal foresight process in which we analyse the emerging trends and developments that shape our operating environment and strategic choices. This process is integral to Aalto’s living strategy, as it enables us to proactively respond to changes in our operating environment.

The 2023 edition of the Preview process focuses on updating the living strategy to ensure its relevance to the future. Updating the living strategy is also an important step in preparing for negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Culture for the 2025-2028 period. The participation of Aalto community members is crucial to the success of this process. The survey mentioned above provides an opportunity for you to express your opinions on important matters related to Aalto University's long-term direction.


Our strategy

Aalto University's future is built upon a foundation of high-quality research, education, impact and shared values – responsibility, courage, and collaboration. The purpose of the university is to shape a sustainable future.


University Preview 2023

The aim of the fall 2023 University Preview is to support the development of Aalto's living strategy by proactively ensuring the relevance of our purpose, values, focus of development and the most important trends shaping us.

Aalto Handbook
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