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University Preview 2023

The preview evaluates changes and trends related to our operating environment. As a result of the preview, the strategy or targets can be updated to support the planning process for the coming years.

The aim of the fall 2023 University Preview is to support the development of Aalto's living strategy by proactively ensuring the relevance of our purpose, values, focus of development and the most important trends shaping us.

The principle of a living strategy is the possibility to constantly evaluate our choices. The preview also supports our preparation for Aalto's negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Culture for the period 2025-2028.

We now invite all staff and students to present their views and answer the survey (link to the survey). Based on the feedback received, the discussion continues in different working groups and sessions, e.g. in schools' management teams and university's steering groups.

Preview process steps

  • Community event - community discussion with Aalto's board and strategy bazaars (September 13, 2023) 
  • Survey for the entire Aalto community and stakeholders (September 13-30, 2023) 
  • Workshops with schools' management teams and steering groups (October - November 2023) 
  • Discussions in the Aalto academic committee, various academic and service meetings, and with the student union (AYY) (October - November 2023) 
  • Aalto management team (AMT) discussion and presentations on possible strategic changes (November 29, 2023) 
  • Board's discussion of strategic direction (December 13, 2023)

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Contribute to our living strategy - answer the University Preview 2023 survey

All Aaltonians and stakeholders are warmly invited to share their thoughts through an online survey by 30 September

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