Amy Sidibé wanted to combine machine learning with communications technology and ended up studying in two different universities

Amy studies communications and data science in a double degree programme.
Amy Sidibé
Amy Sidibé at the Aalto University campus. Photo: Pirya Devi.

Amy Sidibé studies in a two-year double-degree, Master's programme in Communications and Data Science (Codas), which is implemented in collaboration with three European universities. In addition to Aalto University, participating universities are the Grenoble Institute of Technology, part of the Université Grenoble Alpes, and Técnico Lisboa, part of the Universidade de Lisboa.

Students start their studies at one of these universities and change their place of study to another university after the first year. Amy studied her first year in Grenoble and now she is studying at Aalto University.

Why did you choose the Communications and Data Science double degree programme?

After doing my first thesis in my home country, I was looking for a specialisation mainly in data science. When I found the Communications and Data Science programme, it was insightful that I'd learn how to combine machine learning aspects with communications. That’s why I applied and finally got accepted in Grenoble for my first year.

I chose to study my second year at Aalto University because of the good reputation of Finland’s education system. I made some research about the country, the university and its research fields and it was quite impressive.

What benefits do you see in the internationality of the programme?

I would say the diversity of the working environment. We benefit from experiencing both countries and universities. It’s good to adapt yourself to different work and study environments starting from the master's studies. Those skills will help in the future with job requirements.

What has been the best thing about your studies?

It has been great to study new topics in Finland, especially mobile communications (5G) which is one of the country’s most advanced industry sectors, and to understand how to combine it with data science and design intelligent systems.

What was the best thing about studying in Grenoble?

In Grenoble, the main subject was cybersecurity. The studies are very practical and they help students understand and work on different topics related to it.

What does the future of the field look like?

AI has been the sweet spot of technologies in recent years, and it will be the case in the upcoming years because researchers are still working on different topics and problems that can be solved with AI. When it comes to communications, whether it’s for cybersecurity or 5G, 6G, using AI will be essential in building intelligent and secure systems for better network capabilities.

Why should someone apply for this programme?

The programme offers a good opportunity to have degree certificates from two prestigious universities within the Unite! alliance. Students can fully test work diversity in schools, labs, and companies which helps a lot in fulfilling social and professional aspirations.

Furthermore, it's also a good way to experience different student cultures while travelling and discovering new environments.

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Communications and Data Science, Master of Science (Technology)

The Communications and Data Science Double Degree Programme covers a range of timely, industry topics relevant to modern fields of engineering. Communications and Data Science is a two-year master's programme, with student mobility between Aalto University, Grenoble INP Graduate schools of Engineering and Management at Université Grenoble Alpes, or Técnico Lisboa at Universidade de Lisboa.

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