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As an Aalto student, you’re a Unite! student. Unite! is an alliance of nine leading technical universities in Europe. It’s packed with opportunities to grow, internationalize, and connect with fellow students. We offer international courses on technology, multi-disciplinary topics, languages, and culture. We also provide funding for building extra-curricular activities with other Unite! students.
Join Unite! for easy pathways to international courses and collaboration. You can internationalize your studies even without leaving home!
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For students, Unite! offers new forms of student mobility, joint programs, online courses, summer schools, researcher seminars and collaborative courses, which may include short-term mobility periods. Courses and other activities are mainly offered for master's and doctoral students, but many events and project courses are also suitable for bachelor's students.

Unite! Student Catalogue

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Unite! news

Students at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg participating in the European Student Assembly.
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Aalto University student attended the European Student Assembly

The European Student Assembly gives students a public voice providing policy recommendations to the EC.
From left to right: Lasse Kukkonen, Ida Parkkinen, Luisa Cardoso and Elias Keski-Nisula
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Meet Unite! student representatives Elias, Ida, Lasse and Luísa

Unite! university alliance has its own student union, SURE!
Two students standing next to a train studying a map.
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Join the Unite! Train from Barcelona to Grenoble - apply by April 7

Join the sustainable mobility and interculturality journey with students from 9 Unite! universities.
Unite! student holding a sign that says Get inspired, grow together, Let's Unite!
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Four student projects receive funding through Unite! Seed Fund

The Fund aims to activate students from the nine Unite! universities to jointly pursue new activities.

Online courses 

Aalto University master’s level students and bachelor students who have almost completed their degree can apply for master's level online courses in various Unite! universities. The courses can be taken completely remotely. Unite! online courses provide an easy opportunity to study in a foreign university and together with other European students.

See Student Guide for more information (accessible only for Aalto students).

Degree Programmes 

Master in Communications and Data Science is a double-degree programme where you study in two different universities in two countries. In this programme you will advance your knowledge in the broad field of computer networks and cybersecurity, and gain professional experience through tailored industry-relevant projects and entrepreneurship training. The next round of applications opens in December 2024. Read more below. 

Communications and Data Science, Master of Science (Technology)

The Communications and Data Science Double Degree Programme covers a range of timely, industry topics relevant to modern fields of engineering. Communications and Data Science is a two-year master's programme, with student mobility between Aalto University, Grenoble INP Graduate schools of Engineering and Management at Université Grenoble Alpes, or Técnico Lisboa at Universidade de Lisboa.

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Students studying together
From left to right: Lasse Kukkonen, Ida Parkkinen, Luisa Cardoso and Elias Keski-Nisula
From left: Lasse Kukkula, Ida Parkkinen, Luísa Cardoso and Elias Keski-Nisula

Student association SURE! 

At Unite!, students are equal partners and participate in the network's advisory bodies as well as in the planning and implementation of various activities. Students also have their own association, SURE! - Students in Unite! for Representation and Empowerment. 

Aalto’s student representatives for 2024 are Luisa Cardoso, Ida Parkkinen, Lasse Kukkula and Elias Keski-Nisula

Read the article and learn more about Luísa, Ida, Lasse and Elias here

Unite! events

Students at the Unite! Summer School 2023
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Unite! Summer School: What Computers and AI canꞌt do

The summer school reflects on errors, malfunctioning, and limitations of technology in the digital age.

Enhance your global competence with Unite! 

Unite! will provide you with both the setting and the tools needed to develop your global competence helping you grow both as a professional and as a person. This video sums up our approach and understanding of global competence:

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