Alumnus Mikko Jääskeläinen: Studying at the School of Business has opened many professional doors

Our alumnus Mikko Jääskeläinen, who majored in Creative Sustainability and also studied finance, ended up working in management consulting after graduation. While in that position, he became fascinated by transport and real estate infrastructure projects, which led him to a job involving urban economy and land use general planning for the City of Helsinki, and from there, a position at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The best parts of his job are the interesting tasks and his knowledgeable and funny colleagues.
Mikko Jääskeläinen
Alumnus Mikko Jääskeläinen.

Who are you? What have you studied at the School of Business, and when did you graduate?

My name is Mikko Jääskeläinen, and I studied at the Aalto University School of Business from 2008 to 2014. I did my bachelor’s degree in Finance, and I graduated with a master's degree from the Creative Sustainability programme.

How did you become interested in studying at the School of Business?  What was your study experience like?   

Before coming to the School of Business, I studied economics for one year at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, where it was possible to apply through a certificate-based process rather than an entrance examination. 

However, I still wanted to build a career in Finland, so I decided to apply to study at the Helsinki School of Economics, as it was called at the time. Luckily, I got in, since in addition to the useful degree programme, I met several of my current closest friends at the School of Business. 

How did studying at the School of Business prepare you for working life?

In general, studying at the School of Business has opened many professional doors for me. As individual examples, I would highlight case study exercises, group projects and cross-disciplinary courses, which prepared me for working with different people and on varying tasks. Taking courses in Finance also helped me learn how to use Excel, which has had a lot of practical benefits in different job positions. 

The last thing I want to mention was my experience as an exchange student in Lima, Peru. It was a real leap into the unknown for me, as both the continent and the language were unfamiliar. Experiences like student exchange programmes build character and help with tackling challenges in professional settings as well.

What has your career path been like?

During my studies, among other positions, I worked in sales at aTalent Recruiting and at Pöyry as a management consulting trainee for the energy sector. After my studies, I wanted to familiarise myself with other industries besides the energy sector, which led me to a management consulting position at Deloitte. At Deloitte, I participated in projects with various industries, but I was particularly excited about transport and real estate infrastructure projects where I was able to carry out impact assessments. This led me to a job as a Senior Advisor in the field of urban economy at the City of Helsinki’s land use general planning services and from there, a job as a Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Experiences like student exchange programmes build character and help with tackling challenges in professional settings as well.

Mikko Jääskeläinen, School of Business alumnus

You work as a Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. How did you end up in your position, and what are the best parts of your job?

I have worked as a Senior Advisor for the Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) for almost two years in the Impact Assessment and Development Unit, where my colleagues also include other economists. My areas of responsibility include development work related to the financing models of transport projects and assessing the wider economic impacts of transport projects. I am also responsible for supporting the LVM’s organisation in research, investigation, and development projects as well as impact assessments. I got the job thanks to an acquaintance of mine, who gave me a heads up about an open position in LVM’s economist team at the time. 

I enjoy my work a lot. The best parts of my job are both the very interesting tasks dealing with the transport system’s strategic questions and my knowledgeable and funny colleagues. I also find it inspiring that the insights that I gained during my studies and in my previous positions are useful in my current job, which combines the economic and sustainability viewpoints related to transport system and land use planning.

What are the highlight of your career to you? 

When I look back at the different stages of my career, there are several individual moments of success. One important career step was when I had the opportunity to work at Pöyry and handle challenging tasks related to the energy sector while I was still a student. All my jobs after graduation have given me the opportunity to learn new things, which has proved useful in every subsequent job. All of that eventually led to my current position at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which combines two of my long-standing interests: transport and economics.

What advice would you give yourself if you were a student now?

I would encourage myself to enjoy both time as a student and the student life, as it is a unique period in one’s life. I would also encourage myself to study coding, which was not as common during my own studies as it is now.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go kitesurfing when the weather is nice, although I do it less frequently these days, due to my busy family life. These days, my free time is largely devoted to cottage and boating activities that my family can enjoy together. 

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Creative Sustainability, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

The Creative Sustainability (CS) programme provides students with the skills and knowledge to address pressing global sustainability challenges through business. Students with different backgrounds are united by the creative solutions, hands-on methodologies and shared values that characterise the programme. Graduates are well-prepared for leadership positions that require harnessing business understanding to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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