A new Master's programme trains hydrogen experts to develop more sustainable energy systems

The Master's Programme in Hydrogen and Electric Systems meets the most pressing needs of working life, says head of the programme Matti Lehtonen.
Project Work course, photo: Teemu Ullgrén
Photo: Aalto University/Teemu Ullgrén.

The School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University is launching a new Master's Programme in Hydrogen and Electric Systems specialising in hydrogen technology. Energy systems are undergoing a global transformation as societies transition to renewable energy. The use of clean hydrogen in the production and storage of energy is an essential part of the transformation, and hydrogen experts are already urgently needed. 

Programme Director, professor Matti Lehtonen says that the field is a good choice for students because the employment prospects in the field are excellent. The programme responds to the most pressing industrial and business competence needs in developing the hydrogen economy. The graduates of the programme are able to work at different stages of the hydrogen value chain, from production and storage to transfer and use. Graduates can find employment as technical developers, business analysts or managers later in their careers. Examples of employers include energy companies, industrial companies, engineering offices, consultancy companies and service providers. 

‘It is worthwhile for students to choose this programme because the hydrogen economy is a rapidly growing industry. The need for experts is huge and now is the right time to invest in hydrogen economy expertise’, Lehtonen says.

Professori Matti Lehtonen, kuva: Anni Hanén
Professor Matti Lehtonen. Photo: Aalto University/Anni Hanén

Graduates can also contribute to making the world better, as hydrogen plays an essential role in the fight against climate change. Lehtonen says that the substitution of fossil fuels and raw materials with renewable energy sources is a huge industrial transformation that takes decades. Getting an education in the field ensures a front-row seat at the forefront of development.

‘In the programme, the student learns to understand the role of hydrogen in the energy system and energy use and to assess different hydrogen economy projects. They also learn the role of different hydrogen derivatives as a substitute for fossil fuels and raw materials,’ says Lehtonen. 

To deepen learning, students can choose between two areas of specialisation. The Electric Energy and Hydrogen Systems major focuses on a comprehensive overview of the hydrogen economy and the hydrogen value chain. The Electric Components of Hydrogen Technology major focuses on technical solutions in the hydrogen value chain, especially in the field of electricity and energy.

In addition to lectures, teaching methods include the simulation of energy systems and cooperation projects between companies and other Aalto Schools, such as the School of Business and the School of Chemical Engineering.

Do you want to know more about the programme? Join the webinar on 6 November 2023! In this webinar, the programme representatives will introduce the programme and answer your questions regarding the studies.

The teaching in the Master's Programme in Hydrogen and Electric Systems will begin in autumn 2024. The application process is open from 30 November 2023 to 2 January 2024. 

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Project work course final gala

Webinar | Hydrogen and Electric Systems (external link)

In this webinar, the programme representatives introduce Aalto University, give a programme overview, explain the programme structure and content, discuss career opportunities, and answer questions from the audience.


Hydrogen and Electric Systems, Master of Science (Technology)

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