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Aalto at Slush: 12 ways we change the world

Genuine societal and global impact is achieved by combining research with sustainable development goals, radical creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. At Slush, we will showcase ambitious solutions to health and well-being challenges, imaging, energy storage, sustainable design and nutrient recycling. Come and meet our researchers and students!
Aalto at Slush 2022

We have been at Slush from day one! The event was created and transformed into one of the world's leading startup gatherings in the hands of our students at Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial communities in Europe. 

In addition to the world changing innovations, you can also learn about the history of Slush, guided by Aalto students.

Come say hi! Aalto’s stand is conveniently located close to the Founder Stage. Slush will take place on 30th November and 1st December 2023 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

Read more about our societal impact.

Thursday 30 Nov @ 1014: Better health

hentoTouch: Bio-design to tackle alcoholism without drugs

hentoTouch is developing a tool to help people cope with alcoholism. By stimulating the skin, their discreet wearable device affects addiction circuits in the brain. This could reduce cravings, helping people stay sober. In the long run, the device could also help with gambling problems and stress management.

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hentoTouch device could consist of a large number of active elements that stimulate the skin on a wide area.

Otoscreen: Early help for hearing loss

The WHO estimates that 1/4 of the global population will have hearing loss by 2050 and that even 80% will go undiagnosed. Otoscreen’s solution enables doctors to diagnose multiple hearing loss patients in just minutes. This will reform healthcare and save its resources.

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Ottoscreen's hearing measuring system

Urisens: Better quality of life for elderly people

The Urisens diaper sensor improves the care and quality of life of elderly people and their caregivers. It helps to prevent medical complications and reduce healthcare costs. Urisens technology can be used in a variety of settings, including home care, nursing homes and hospitals.

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Elderly people's hands

Thursday 30 Nov @ 1418: Smarter data

Agate: Revealing the invisible

The Agate hyperspectral sensor, which is smaller than a fingertip, has the power to reveal what is invisible to the naked eye or a regular camera. Traditional imaging assigns a main colour (red, green or blue) to each pixel, but hyperspectral imaging uses thousands of colours to capture the full range of information within a single pixel.

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Agate sensor device

MilliScan: World's most convenient security screening system

MilliScan is developing a simple imaging system for safe and effective people screening. The imaging system can detect hidden metallic and non-metallic objects without emitting harmful radiation. With Milliscan’s system, security operators can conduct reliable security checks in a flexible way, on a temporary or permanent basis, as needed.

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MilliScan's body scanner

mTMS: Magnetic brain stimulation helps patients with depression and pain

TMS is a non-invasive way to activate nerve cells by inducing electrical currents in the desired part of the brain. By commercialising the technology, the project aims to bring a new revolutionary multi-locus transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (mTMS) to other research centres and clinics, as well.

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Mies katselee tietokoneruudulta kuvaa aivoista

Friday 1 Dec @ 1014: Durable design

CirPa: Bio-based panels for noise control

Fully bio-based acoustic panels with tailored surface patterns maximize noise control and provide aesthetic value as a decorative element. CirPa operates on circular economy principles by exploiting locally available forestry side streams.

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CirPa panel

PCMI: Energy-efficient insulation made from biomaterials

PCMI offers a solution to the poor energy efficiency of insulations and the use of environmentally harmful raw materials in them. The lightweight, shape-retaining PCMI insulation solution balances temperature changes by self-regulation and made entirely from bio-based materials.

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An insulation sample

WUUD: Non-toxic and durable wood cladding

WUUD develops embossed, ready-to-install and durable wood panels for architecture and interior design. The beauty of the panels goes beyond the surface: a research-based impregnation process aims to non-toxically improve the durability and fire safety of wood and guarantee up to 50 maintenance-free years.

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wall of a building with new cladding solutions, 3d render by Hemmo Honkonen

Friday 1 Dec @ 1418: Effective process

CuRen-M: Accelerating the energy transition with copper batteries

CuRen-M’s battery technology solution based on copper chemistry drives the global adoption of renewable energy sources and enables more resilient electrical grids and energy systems. CuRen-M’s solution is simpler, more sustainable and scalable than existing alternatives. It enables the bundling of grid services to create value for its end-users.

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Electricity power grid

NPHarvest: Nutrient catchers

NPHarvest recovers the essence of life. Billions of euros worth of good fertilizer nutrients are wasted worldwide every year. With the new technology, NPHarvest can recover both phosphorus and nitrogen from waste flows, reducing treatment costs and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. The recovery process yields profit without the need for subsidies.

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NPHarvest prototype

VISENTOOLS: Enabling epic business meetings

Visentools aims to level-up the quality of meetings with a groundbreaking business-to-business toolset designed to increase collaboration and improve communication. The toolset comprises an application and physical visualization tools. The solution is based on the latest scientific discoveries from psychology and neuroscience.

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People in the meeting

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Tomi Erho

Head of Innovation Ecosystem Services
U924 Innovation Ecosystem Services

Read more about the solutions:

A new visual teamwork tool based on metaphors

A typical problem in teamwork is an imbalance in participation – a few team members are active but not everyone's voice is heard. The Visentools project uses visual tools and haptic feedback to make workshops and team meetings more participatory and meaningful. The project is funded by Business Finland and has been piloted since May.

The Visentools objects enable people to tell stories with visual metaphors. From left: Thomas Tuominen, Janina Saarnio, Robin Gustafsson, Mikko Illi and Shena Saj. Photo: Susanna Oksanen.

How to see trees and plants in a whole new light

A hyperspectral snapshot captures all the light in a scene, not just colours or infrared light. The extra information is useful in many applications, from agriculture and conservation to forensics and food safety.

A satellite picture of the forest, with pink, violet and green colours

Innovation diaries: the story of WUUD from research to business

The innovation diary is a cumulative story following a multidisciplinary innovation team that received funding from Business Finland for 18 months in January 2023. You are welcome to follow the story of team WUUD, a joint project with the school of Arts and school of chemical engineering. The end product is an evironmentally friendly and durable wooden design cladding. The diary is by written by team lead Hemmo Honkonen.

Team lead Hemmo Honkonen checking on cladding

Research project turns waste into sound-absorbing solutions with biodegradable foam

Team plans expansion while adhering to circular economy principles

A man holding two small foam boards stands in a lab room.

A skin-stroking device could help curb alcohol cravings

Aalto University researchers are developing a device that helps support sobriety in conjunction with other treatments, such as psychosocial treatments and pharmaceuticals.

A device attachable to the forearm is one of the possibilities the hentoTouch team is currently exploring. Photo: Juliana Harkki.

Five things to know about university impact

When you think about the powerhouses ensuring our societal and economical success, universities may not be the first thing to pop into mind. It's clear that a university's basic function is to provide education and advance scientific research, but what else is there?

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