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Aalto University is a foundation-based university. Each of its six schools has a dean and an academic committee.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture
School of Business
School of Chemical Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering
School of Science

Aalto University's executive bodies are the Board, the President and the Academic Affairs Committee. The President’s Management Team (PMT) and Aalto Management Team (AMT) also participate in the operative management of the university. Aalto University has a provost, vice presidents, deans and a Tenured Professors' Council.

Organisation and governance structure

Organisation chart
Governance structure 2021
Governance structure

Aalto University Board

The Aalto University Board decides on the strategy, operation and financial issues and is responsible for any far-reaching plans.

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Management Teams

The President's Management Team is an operative management team, consisting of the president, provost, vice presidents, deans, service directors, head of legal and managing director of the real-estate company. The Aalto University Management Team furthers transparency and open dialogue in decision making.

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Steering groups

The steering groups discuss strategic and operational issues that require a university-wide position, policy line or recommendation for the university’s leadership and decision-making. The steering groups are tasked with preparing matters for decision-making by various bodies of the university.

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Academic Affairs Committee

The Committee is a joint, university-level administrative body serving to promote a high quality of research, teaching, and artistic activity.

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Professors' Council

The Professors' Council acts as an advisory body for the president and vice presidents and ensures that the voice of the academic science and art community is heard on essential issues related to the values of the university.

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Along with the board and the Academic Affairs Committee, president is one of the executive bodies of the university. The president directs the university and represents the science and art community constituted by it. At Aalto University, president also acts as the managing director referred to in the Foundations Act. Professor Ilkka Niemelä is the president of Aalto University.

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Aalto Group

Aalto University Group owns several business enterprises either directly or through its holding company.  Read more.

Legislation on higher education and research

Universities Act (558/2009 + amendments) (pdf,

The law provides, among other things, regulation on university autonomy and duties, research and teaching, organization, staff, students and student unions, university steering, finance and financial management, and appeals.

Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004 + amendments) (pdf,

The decree provides, among other things, regulation on responsibilities for provision of degree education, the structure and extent and aim of the studies, the credit transfer and degree titles. The decree also provides regulation for university specialization training.

Acts and statutes concerning Aalto University Foundation

Foundations act (, pdf)
Aalto University Foundation Constitution (4 Oct 2016. pdf)

Aalto University regulation

Aalto University Bylaws (16 Sep 2016, pdf)
Aalto University academic rules and regulations (, student portal)

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