Virtual planetarium takes you to the middle of planets, northern lights and satellites

At the Spacewalk exhibition, you can test computer simulations developed for space science and technology using VR glasses. The exhibition also shows how going into space helps solve the great challenges of humanity.
Spacewalk exhibition banner

Time: 20 August to 12 September 2021, 12pm–7 p.m. daily

Place: Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Kuutio space, 2nd floor

Sustainable space tourism will soon be available to everyone when the Aalto University’s Spacewalk exhibition opens in Kuutio, Helsinki Central Library Oodi.

For more than ten years, Aalto University researchers have been carrying out computer simulations that are used in the research of space weather in the solar system and in the development of different space technologies. The simulations play a major role in utilising the observations of the BepiColombo Mercury probe and the MarsExpress Mars probe.

In Kuutio, exhibition guests can admire simulations with VR glasses. It's like a spacewalk around planets, asteroids and satellites. The controls can be used to move around and click to see additional information about the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the northern lights or the Suomi 100 satellite. A space soundscape has also been created in the planetarium for this purpose and it highlights the special features of the solar system.

From 20 August you can download the virtual planetarium at and make your own space trip at home. The planetarium can be used with VR wireless glasses without a separate computer.

The exhibition also describes space research and technology carried out in Aalto University more extensively, which play an important role in forecasting space weather, improving telecommunications connections and solving climate change.

Welcome! The exhibition follows the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s valid recommendations on coronavirus safety, and VR glasses are also disinfected after each user with a specially designed device.

More information:

Professor Esa Kallio
+358 50 420 5857
[email protected]

Team Spacewalk

Academic experts: Esa Kallio and Riku Järvinen
VR Project Lead: Sebastian Schlecht
VR Programming: Toni Pesola
Music: Andrea Mancianti
VR support: Henry Helander
Graphic design: Iisa Pappi
Lights: Aalto Studios
Communication: Minna Hölttä         
Video: Mikko Raskinen and Anna Berg
Curator: Outi Turpeinen

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