Cool and Icy Waters - ice research  for sea traffic

The exhibition depicts marine and Arctic technology research at Aalto University, including the study of sea ice structure and behaviour as well as the functionality, sustainability and safety of ships and marine structures under extreme conditions. The goal of this research is to ensure safe and sustainable transportation in Arctic areas.
Cool and Icy Waters -näyttely 4.-20.9.

Arctic ice is being thinned and melted by a warming climate, and new routes are opening on ice-covered waters for a growing maritime transport sector. Future seas will be stormier and ships navigating Arctic areas will face rapidly changing ice conditions. The safety and sustainability of seafaring require research and innovation. 

The Cool and Icy Waters exhibition focuses on the marine and Arctic technology research conducted in Aalto University. Areas of research include the structure and behaviour of sea ice as well as the functionality, durability and safety of ships and offshore structures. 

Understanding ice on a theoretical level, conducting model-scale experiments and field research in actual ice conditions are all needed in order to design new types of icebreakers and formulating ice classifications for ships. Aalto Ice Tank provides an ideal research environment for model-scale studies of ice and ships in Otaniemi, while for many years Aalto University researchers have voyaged to study ice conditions in Antarctica aboard the Finnish-built and research-equipped vessel SA Agulhas II. 

Research for safe and sustainable seafaring

Studies in marine and Arctic technology are offered in the Aalto University Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Deep Sea VR

The exhibition also includes a demo of Deep Sea VR, a game created by master's degree students of game design and production at Aalto University. 

Exhibition team:

Pentti Kujala, Professor, marine technology
Jukka Tuhkuri, Professor,ice mechanics
Mikko Suominen, Postdoctoral researcher
Lu Liangliang, Doctoral student

Curator and coordination:
Outi Turpeinen, Art coordinator, Doctor of Arts

Video content and images:
Mikko Raskinen, Producer

Graphic design:
Fanni Perälä, Degree student, Master's Programme in Visual Communication Design

Language check:
Joonas Lehtovaara, Coordinator

Riitta Särkisilta

Deep Sea VR -game 

Degree students of Master's Programme in Game Design & Production:
Markus Laattala,
Abhishek Jaiswal
Jenni Juntunen
Philippe La Grassa

Special Thanks
Helsinki Shipyard Oy 
Meyer Turku 
Rauma Marine 

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