Interactive Diorama - Rembrandt 1632 at Central Library Oodi

Interactive Diorama corpse view
Interact with a Rembrandt painting in VR

Interactive Diorama - Rembrandt 1632, has been created by Professor Lily Diaz-Kommonen and her team. It’s a virtual reality simulation that takes the visitor deep into a painting by Rembrandt from the 1600s, transcending the 3D dimension. The artwork has been converted into an interactive diorama of what was reputedly the first meeting of its kind at the Barber’s Surgeon Guild of Amsterdam in 1632. The anatomy lesson was to become a kind of spectacle for the public to attend, and in this experience, you are the subject, and all from the safety of your own reality.

Open 9-19.9.2019 daily 12am-7pm. Meet the makers on Tuesday 10th Sep, 11-12.

Projects website HERE.

Research article about Virtual Reality by Professor Lily Diaz-Komonen HERE

The installation was first shown in Ars Electronica 2017 in Linz, Austria.

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