Better Student Life at Aalto 2024

Welcome to Aalto university! What you should know about studying and student life at Aalto? We'll answer this question and others as well.
camous at wintertime

Where to find books? Where to study independently? Should you study Finnish? What to do with your free time? Where can you find support to maintain your wellbeing? Experts from different services share their tips for the beginning of your studies.

HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) is available in the main lobby of Maarintie 8 from 9 AM to 2.30 PM.

If you are interested, here is a nice lecture by Peter Kelly about networking: Network with Confidence.

As you start your journey towards our campus, we’d like to offer you the chance to connect with each other before you arrive. The Goin’ Connect app is a safe and secure environment for you to get to know your future classmates, find friends with similar interests and even talk to other students about finding housing or learning a language.  To join your future classmates in our exclusive Aalto University environment, please register here:  (Have any questions about the app? Please reach out to the Goin’ team at [email protected].)


Welcome to Aalto University! Petri Suomala, Vice President for Education
Would it be beneficial to learn Finnish? Noora Helkiö, University Teacher (Language Center)
Where to get support for your studies? Henna Niiva, Study Psychologist (Student Services)
Learning Centre – what is that? Mari Lankinen, Information Specialist (Learning Centre)
What you should know about the digital world of Aalto? Outi Hirvi, IT Specialist (IT Services)
AYY – what role does it play during your studies? Tuulia Telin, Specialist & Tessa Lehmussaari, board member (Aalto University Student Union AYY)
Make your Aalto life more memorable with ESN Aalto! Ghazal Shenavar, Secretary​
Nonnadda Silamai, IT Manager​
Moazam Imran, Active member
(​Erasmus Student Network Aalto)
Joy and wellbeing from exercise Hanna Autio, Physical Education Instructor​ (UniSport)​
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion ​at Aalto University Ida Salin, EDI Officer (Aalto) & Ronja Mäkinen, Equity Officer (AYY)

The Presemo page that was used during the event is here: 

The questions that were not answered during the lecture will be answered in a week in the same Presemo, so until 12th January. Please, give us feedback there in the meantime! 

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