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Aalto Doctoral Orientation Days

All new doctoral students at Aalto are expected to participate in the first Aalto Doctoral Orientation Days held after they have started. Orientation Days provide essential information the beginning of the doctoral journey, with topics ranging from research data management to planning your studies and from career prospectives to experiences from graduated Doctors. By participating in the orientation tutor groups you can meet other doctoral students from all doctoral programmes.

Aalto Doctoral Orientation Days are organised three times a year. Welcome!
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New doctoral students will recieve a personal registration link by email. Doctoral researchers employed by Aalto University, who have not yet received the study right for doctoral studies, are also welcome to participate (if we haven't reached you, please email [email protected] for the registration link).

The next Orientation Days will be held on 2-3 September 2024.

Programme September 2024

Day I: Monday 2.9.2024 9:00-16:45, Otaniemi
+ social programme

9:00-9:15 Framework of doctoral studies at Aalto University
Head of Doctoral education services Minna Söderqvist
9:15-10:00 Beyond the Degree: Recent Graduates’ Stories
10:00-10:15 Welcome to Aalto University! 
Vice President for Research Jyri Hämäläinen
10:30-11:15 Planning and Structuring Your Doctoral Research and Studies
Doctoral education services’ Planning and Learning Team
11:15-11:30 Introducing Doctoral Researchers’ Association Aallonhuiput and doctoral student tutors
11:30-13:00 Tutor groups meet, lunch (self-paid)
13:00-14:30 Getting to Know Your Doctoral Programme: Requirements for Doctoral Thesis & Supervision arrangements
Doctoral programmes
14:45-15:10 Doctoral careers and working life skills
Doctoral education services & Career Design Lab
15:15-16:45 HR practicalities (for employed doctoral researchers)
HR Services
  Social programme with Doctoral researchers' association Aallonhuiput

Day II: Tuesday 3.9.2024 (8:30-) 9:15-12:00, Otaniemi

8:30-9:10 FOR NEWCOMERS: Introduction to Aalto, Helsinki, Espoo, and Finland: History, Culture, and Community
Head of Doctoral education services Minna Söderqvist 
9:15-11:00 Advancing Your Research and Doctoral Thesis: Research plan and Researcher’s tools, skills and support
Research services
11:15-12:00 Thriving as a Doctoral Student: Wellbeing, Community, EDI and representation
Doctoral educations services & Doctoral researchers’ Association, Aalto University Student Union, Shop steward for doctoral researchers
12:00- Tutor groups meet, lunch (self-paid)
  Aalto Day One

Programme June 2024

Orientation presentations from previous orientations

You may find the presentation slides from previous orientations and a lot of additional material in the MyCourses page of the orientation.

Orientation materials in MyCourses

Doctoral student study guide

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Beginning your doctoral studies

Doctoral students at the beginning of studies: information on arrival, doctoral personal study plan, curriculum and financing etc.

Doctoral education
Two doctoral students, one working with a laptop and one with pen on paper, both with imaginary doctoral hats floating above their heads.

During your doctoral studies

Doctoral students throughout their studies: information on thesis writing, research work, supervision and mobility etc.

Doctoral education
Drawing of two doctoral students each holding a paper, with doctor's hats shining on their heads.

Finalising your doctoral studies

Information on pre-examination, defence, finalising the thesis, public display and approval of thesis etc.

Doctoral education

Doctoral page index

Index of all pages about doctoral education

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