Doctoral education

Yearly follow-up of doctoral students

Doctoral students at Aalto University answer a follow-up survey of the progress of their doctoral studies and research yearly.

The purpose of the yearly follow-up survey is to follow the progress of doctoral students, offer them support and collect statistical information on general level to develop the support for doctoral students.

While answering the survey and based on their answers doctoral students get instructions and links for further information which are tailored to their situation. Doctoral students may also request to be contacted personally at the end of the survey.

Privacy Notice for yearly follow-up of doctoral students

The survey was good for checking my status and helping me to understand what should be done by now. It motivated me to check my plans.

Yearly follow-up 2022

Results of the doctoral student yearly follow-up 2023

The results cover the majority of our active doctoral students - all doctoral students are expected to answer the survey every year.

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Doctoral student follow-up survey results & feedback discussion

Presentation of the yearly follow-up survey for doctoral students 2023 results to doctoral students and chance for open feedback discussion

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