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The aim in mechatronics design is to enhance the performance of machines, improve their price-performance ratio and increase functionality.
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The Mechatronics research group is a proud member of the  Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence on High-Speed Electromechanical Energy Conversion Systems.

Mechatronics represents modern machine technology as a multidisciplinary field of science, including mechanical engineering with electronics and computer control in the design and manufacturing of industrial products. The aim in mechatronics design is to enhance the performance of machines, improve their price-performance ratio and increase functionality. 

Main research interests in mechatronics include vehicle dynamics in Arctic conditions, hybridisation of mobile machines, industrial internet-connected machines, rotating machinery and powertrains, integrated fluid power systems and tribology.

Latest publications

Identification of mechanical impedance of an electric machine drive for drivetrain design

Hannu Hartikainen, Lauri Tiitinen, Sampo Laine, Marko Hinkkanen 2023 2023 IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, IEMDC 2023

Architecture for determining the cleanliness in shared vehicles using an integrated machine vision and indoor air quality-monitoring system

Nilusha Jayawickrama, Enric Perarnau Ollé, Jesse Pirhonen, Risto Ojala, Klaus Kivekäs, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2023 Journal of Big Data

Improved deep depth estimation for environments with sparse visual cues

Niclas Joswig, Juuso Autiosalo, Laura Ruotsalainen 2023 MACHINE VISION AND APPLICATIONS

The effect of surface roughness variations to eddy current displacement measurement

Kalle Kinnunen, Tuomas Tiainen, Raine Viitala 2023 I2MTC 2023 - 2023 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference

Proceedings of the 8th Baltic Mechatronics Symposium

Panu Kiviluoma, Petri Kuosmanen, Tauno Otto 2023

Digital twin—The dream and the reality

Juha Kortelainen, Tatiana Minav, Kari Tammi 2023 Frontiers in the Internet of Things

Aerostatically sealed non-contacting paperboard porosity measurement device

Mikael Miettinen, Valtteri Vainio, Onni Leutonen, Petteri Haverinen, Tuomas Tiainen, Raine Viitala 2023 European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, Conference Proceedings - 23rd International Conference and Exhibition, EUSPEN 2023

Comparing torsional and lateral vibration data for deep learning-based drive train gear diagnosis

Jesse Miettinen, Sampo Haikonen, Ivar Koene, Joni Keski-Rahkonen, Raine Viitala 2023 Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
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