Jari Vepsäläinen

Jari Vepsäläinen

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Assistant professor of Mechatronics Design

Director of the Fluid Power group at Aalto University

Mechatronics design is the holistic engineering design of electromechanical actuators and systems, considering their control and perception. My research focus is on energy efficient and generative design of mechatronics.

Energy efficient systems are designed using high-fidelity physics-based models which are validated with experiments. Energy efficiency is achieved by improving energy recovery, control, system and component level design. The human design of energy efficient systems generates validated models which are used to carry out generative design.

Generative design is an iterative design process which aims to produce multiple feasible and novel solutions for a given task in a given design space. ML and AI approaches are utilised for generating creative actuator and system designs. Generative design produces novel solutions to support, accelerate and inspire the human design.

The mechatronic design cases involve robots, pneumatics, hydraulics, powertrains, vehicles and work machines. My background is in mechanics, robotics, hydraulics, electric vehicles, powertrain design, energy efficient systems, numerical modelling, machine learning, data science, uncertainty quantification, 3D-printing, prototyping, IoT and digital twins.

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  • Mechatronics, Assistant Professor


Architecture for determining the cleanliness in shared vehicles using an integrated machine vision and indoor air quality-monitoring system

Nilusha Jayawickrama, Enric Perarnau Ollé, Jesse Pirhonen, Risto Ojala, Klaus Kivekäs, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2023

Infrastructure camera calibration with GNSS for vehicle localisation

Risto Ojala, Jari Vepsalainen, Jesse Pirhonen, Kari Tammi 2023

Motion detection and classification : ultra-fast road user detection

Risto Ojala, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2022

Brake Light Detection Algorithm for Predictive Braking

Jesse Pirhonen, Risto Ojala, Klaus Kivekäs, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2022

Engineering Idea Generation Framework for the Digital Era

Jari Vepsäläinen 2022 Proceedings of NordDesign 2022

Prolongation of Battery Lifetime for Electric Buses through Flywheel Integration

Philipp Glucker, Klaus Kivekas, Jari Vepsalainen, Panagiotis Mouratidis, Maximilian Schneider, Stephan Rinderknecht, Kari Tammi 2021

A Feature-Based Framework for Structuring Industrial Digital Twins

Juuso Autiosalo, Jari Vepsalainen, Raine Viitala, Kari Tammi 2020

Hybrid ship unit commitment with demand prediction and model predictive control

Janne Huotari, Antti Ritari, Jari Vepsäläinen, Kari Tammi 2020