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The DigiTwin project develops digital twin into a concrete concept that can be used to boost businesses. The project is implemented in tight collaboration with several industry partners. The current partners include Konecranes, Siemens Osakeyhtiö, Ideal PLM, RD Velho and Remion.

Digital twins can be utilized with all kinds of industrial products and the aim of the research project is to develop methods and solutions that can benefit the Finnish industry as a whole in their digital transformation. The focus of the research project is in the coupling of the crane and its digital twin with product configuration, product design, and product life cycle. The use case selected for this project is to develop a digital twin of the Ilmatar crane, which is located in the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) environment.

The project is funded by Business Finland and led by Aalto University. 

DigiTwin Demo Day 2 on November 22

DigiTwin Demo Day 2

DigiTwin Demo Day 22.11.2019

Presentations and photos from DigiTwin Demo Day 2 can be found on this page.

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Materials from DigiTwin Demo Day 1 on 18 January, 2019

DigiTwin Demo Day, photo by Anna-Mari Tolonen

DigiTwin Demo Day 18.1.2019

DigiTwin Demo Day took place on 18 January, 2019. On this page you will find presentation slides and videos from the event.

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Join the DigiTwin network

Do you have a product or service related to maintenance, analytics or product design? Are you interested in the digital twin concept? Join us in creating new digital business!

Join the network mailing list here

We aim to create a network of companies and organisations who are interested in developing digital twins. The development concretizes in joint piloting and hands on work at the Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) environment, especially around the Ilmatar overhead crane. At AIIC, companies in get to test and develop their industrial internet capabilities and they also may get early access to latest reseach results. Companies can also use the network to seek potential business opportunities.

Joining the network can happen for example like through these three phases:

1.Take part in a DigiTwin network event where you get to know the DigiTwin research project, development platform and other participants.

2.At the second phase, you can contribute something to the DigiTwin development platform. For example, this can be an IoT sensor that is eventually combined to the whole system.

3.If all goes well and mutual benefit is found, your company may join the project consortium where you get to work more closely with the project partners.

Aalto University facilitates the network, boosts the development of potential innovations and offers possibilities to promote the results of the development work at the DigiTwin network events. 

We especially invite the SMEs that could benefit from digital twin research and possibly participate in the development work. Nevertheless, the network is open to everyone who is interested in the digital twin concept and also spectating members are welcome.

Joining the ecosystem is easy and free of charge. Just sign up on our mailing list or contact us for more information. 

Contact: Juuso Autiosalo


Digital twin documentation by the project partners

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