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Researchers in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AM2) investigate the properties and performance of engineering materials processed by advanced and sustainable manufacturing integrated in circular economy. Starting point in modern production at AM2 is digital data, generated and optimized.

Research methods encompass multiscale and multiphysics modelling, mechanical and microstructural testing with digital measurement and quality control techniques. Among the applications in green processes and methods, special emphasis goes to hydrogen influence in materials for safe energy applications, new sustainable friction-based manufacturing solutions and additive manufacturing.

We, at AM2, actively integrate our researchers in innovative solutions for materials, manufacturing and digital tools, promoting the transference of patenting and know-how into their start-ups, while celebrating success.

AM2’s Profile:

Team: 3 Full Professors + 3 Associate Professors + 1 Professor of Practice + 1 Adjunct Professor + 1 Emeritus Professor + 2 Teachers + 9 Laboratory Technical Staff + 20 to 30 Researchers = Total of 40 to 50 staff members

Infrastructure: AM2 has world excellency equipped laboratories, namely the ADDLAB to research all additive manufacturing techniques, and hydrogen influence in materials and. Excellency of laboratories also in non-destructive testing, advanced manufacturing (with casting, welding and bulk metallic glasses), microstructural characterization and mechanical testing with digital image correlation

Education: 22 Courses in Bachelor/Master/Doctoral education programmes that benefit from the Integration of laboratory exercise work + Seminars

Research topics

Latest publications

3D Printing, Intellectual Property Rights and Medical Emergencies : In Search of New Flexibilities

Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marc Mimler, Timo Minssen, Mika Salmi 2022 Iic-International review of intellectual property and competition law

How to Use the Levers of Modularity Properly-Linking Modularization to Economic Targets

Lea-Nadine Schwede, Erik Greve, Dieter Krause, Kevin Otto, Seung Ki Moon, Albert Albers, Eckhard Kirchner, Roland Lachmayer, Nikola Bursac, David Inkermann, Simon Rapp, Maximilian Hausmann, Jannik Schneider 2022 Journal of Mechanical Design

Creative digital design and manufacturing in medicine

Mika Salmi, Jan Wolff, Antti Mäkitie 2022

Dynamic strain aging in DP1000: Effect of temperature and strain rate

Sarath Chandran, Wenqi Liu, Junhe Lian, Sebastian Münstermann, Patricia Verleysen 2022 Materials Science and Engineering A


Mika Salmi 2022

Editorial : Creative digital design and manufacturing in medicine

Mika Salmi, Jan Wolff, Antti Makitie 2022 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Nuclear Power

Thiago Seuaciuc-Osorio, Iikka Virkkunen, H. Miedl, B. Briquez, Hany Abdel-Khalik, C. Lamb, Ed Bradley, Harri Varjonen, C. Batra, P. Dieguez Porras, J. Eiler, T. Jevremovic, Brianna Johnsson 2022 Artificial Intelligence for Accelerating Nuclear Applications, Science and Technology
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Research database

Research Group Head

Adjunct Professors


Juha Huuki

University Lecturer
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Entire AM2 Group (list generated automatically, including all permanent and non-permanent staff members)

Juha Huuki

University Lecturer
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Sven Bossuyt

Professori (Associate professor)

Tekin Uyan

Doctoral researcher

Nurul Anwar

Doctoral researcher
Rizwan Ullah

Rizwan Ullah

Doctoral researcher
Junhe Lian

Junhe Lian

Assistant Professor
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Wenqi Liu

Visiting Doctoral researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering

Yanjie Zhang

Visiting Doctoral Candidate

Samuel Olukayode Akinwamide

Postdoctoral Researcher
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