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Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems group has been conducting hands-on research on physical heavy-duty semi-autonomous machines and autonomous mobiles robots, mainly in agriculture and forestry, for more than two decades. The group specializes in situational awareness, machine perception, SLAM, path planning, navigation, model predictive control, and multi-robot systems related issues in dynamic environments.
Autonomous systems Group

For forest harvesters, a perception system that is capable of forest SLAM, i.e. mapping the trees and localizing the machine, has been developed. The group has developed different utilizing schemes for the tree map information. Stereo vision and image sequence analysis, i.e. motion vision, have an important role in these developments.

Robotization of silvicultural machines has been studied. The aim is to recognize the young trees that should be left to grow, and other trees that can be cut down, with the help of machine vision and laser scanners, as well as instrumentation and automatic motion control of the forestry boom. The developments have been tested with real machines.

For agricultural tractor and implement combinations, several prototypes of ISOBUS networked (ISO 11783) control systems for implements have been realized, in which automatic GPS based precision agriculture, semiautomatic integrated control and control system development have been studied and demonstrated. Path planning, automatic navigation and model predictive control path tracking have been developed.

Several small agricultural field robots have been built in student projects, which have participated in European Field Robot Event contest. A full-scale agricultural field robot is used to study online path planning.

The group is led by Professor Arto Visala.


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Latest publications

Nonlinear 6-DOF Dynamic Simulations for Center-Articulated Vehicles with combined CG

Tabish Badar, Juha Backman, Usama Tariq, Arto Vísala 2022 IFAC-PapersOnLine

Radar – CubeSat Transionospheric HF Propagation Observations: Suomi 100 Satellite and EISCAT HF Facility

Esa Kallio, Antti Kero, Ari-Matti Harri, Antti Kestilä, Anita Aikio, Mathias Fontell, Riku Järvinen, Kirsti Kauristie, Olli Knuuttila, Petri Koskimaa, Jauaries Loyala, Juha Lukkari, Amin Modabberian, Joonas Niittyniemi, Jouni Rynö, Heikki Vanhamäki, Erik Varberg 2022 Radio Science

A Neural Network Approach for Reconstructing In-Cylinder Pressure from Engine Vibration Data

Hoang Nguyen Khac, Amin Modabberian, Kai Zenger, Éric Lendormy, Maciej Mikulski, Jacek Hunicz 2022 SAE Technical Papers

LiDAR-odometry based UAV pose estimation in young forest environment

Issouf Ouattara, Arto Visala 2022 IFAC-PapersOnLine

Next Generation Task Controller for agricultural Machinery using OPC Unified architecture

Matti Siponen, Ilkka Seilonen, Samuel Brodie, Timo Oksanen 2022 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Model predictive control for a multiple injection combustion model

Hoang Nguyen Khac, Amin Modabberian, Xiaoguo Storm, Kai Zenger, Jari Hyvönen 2021 Open Engineering

Full-scale measurement of ship performance and ice loads in Antarctic floe ice fields

Fang Li, Muhammad Bilal Khawar, Andrei Sandru, Liangliang Lu, Mikko Suominen, Pentti Kujala 2021 Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions, POAC 2021

Cashew Trees Detection And Yield Analysis Using UAV-Based Map

Sadouanouan Malo, Thierry Roger Bayala, Issouf Ouattara, Arto Visala 2021 2021 16th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI)

Puu- ja savipohjaisten rakennusmateriaalien ominaisuuksia ja sisäilmaemissioiden on-line havaintoja

Mirja Salkinoja-Salonen, Salla Venäläinen, Timo Hokkanen, Vesa T. Korhonen, Arto Visala, Panu Harmo, Juha Vinha 2021 Rakennusfysiikka 2021 (26.-28.10.2021, Tampere) : uusimmat tutkimustulokset ja hyvät käytännön ratkaisut. Vol. 1

Shipborne sea-ice field mapping using a LiDAR

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