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Geoinformatics at Aalto University is a truly multidisciplinary field. Our research and its applications cover a wide range of themes from human-centred to natural environments.
View from the plane used in remote sensing.

Global challenges such as the uneven distribution of natural resources, security and climate issues, urban development and sprawl and a growing demand for energy all involve a significant spatial component. Our mission is to conduct research and teaching in the collection, management and analysis of geospatial information for a wide range of themes and scales, from local to global.

Research areas

Our research areas include Geodesy, Geoinformation technology , Digital photogrammetry and laser scanning and Remote sensing. Learn more about our teaching activities!

Latest publications

A 24-hour population distribution dataset based on mobile phone data from Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland

Claudia Bergroth, Olle Järv, Henrikki Tenkanen, Matti Manninen, Tuuli Toivonen 2022 Scientific Data

Updated GNSS velocity solution in the Nordic and Baltic countries with a semi-automatic offset detection method

Sonja Lahtinen, Lotti Jivall, Pasi Häkli, Maaria Nordman 2022 GPS SOLUTIONS

Research Topics: Big Data for Urban Systems

Federico Botta, Zhe Zhang, Mario Gutiérrez-Roig, Henrikki Tenkanen 2022 Frontiers in Big Data

Scalable Crop Yield Prediction with Sentinel-2 Time Series and Temporal Convolutional Network

Maria Yli-Heikkila, Samantha Wittke, Markku Luotamo, Eetu Puttonen, Mika Sulkava, Petri Pellikka, Janne Heiskanen, Arto Klami 2022 Remote Sensing

Special issue: Advances in Spatial and Transport Network Analysis

Henrikki Tenkanen, Rafael Pereira, Elsa Arcaute, Marta Gonzalez 2022 Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science


P. Rönnholm, S. Wittke, M. Ingman, P. Putkiranta, H. Kauhanen, H. Kaartinen, M. T. Vaaja 2022 International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives

Avoimia spektrikirjastoja Suomen metsistä

Miina Rautiainen, Aarne Hovi, Nea Kuusinen, Jussi Juola, Petri Forsström, Sini-Selina Salko, Daniel Schraik, Iuliia Burdun 2022 Metsätieteen Aikakauskirja

Simulation of land use/land cover changes and urban expansion in Estonia by a hybrid ANN-CA-MCA model and utilizing spectral-textural indices

Najmeh Mozaffaree Pour, Oleksandr Karasov, Iuliia Burdun, Tõnu Oja 2022 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Assessing the fine root growth dynamics of Norway spruce manipulated by air humidity and soil nitrogen with deep learning segmentation of smartphone images

Marili Sell, Abraham George Smith, Iuliia Burdun, Gristin Rohula-Okunev, Priit Kupper, Ivika Ostonen 2022 Plant and Soil
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