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Mauri Kostiainen

Professor Mauri Kostiainen

Erasmus, 2003-2004, Supramolecules
(University of York)
MSc, 2005, Organic Chemistry
(University of Helsinki)
PhD, 2008, Technical Physics
(Helsinki University of Technology)
PostDoc, 2008-2010, Physical Virology
(Radboud University Nijmegen, NL)
Research Associate, 2011-2013
Applied Physics (Aalto)
Assistant Professor, 2013-2016
Biohybrid Materials (Aalto)
Associate Professor (Tenured), 2016-2020
Biohybrid Materials (Aalto)
Full Professor, 2020-
Biohybrid Materials (Aalto)

Biohybrid Materials Group
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Aalto University, Kemistintie 1
FI-02150 Espoo, Finland

Current Group Members: Research Associates


Dr. Eduardo Anaya

Eduardo Anaya-Plaza received his PhD in 2016 from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), under the supervision of Prof. Torres and Dr de la Escosura, focusing on the synthesis and characterization of water-soluble phthalocyanines and their application in nanomedicine and photovoltaics. In 2016 he moved to the University of Birmingham (UK) joining Prof. Paula Mendes’ group. In February 2018 he moves to Aalto University (Finland) with a MSCA Individual Fellowship (BiHyOMat, project number 794536). Eduardo is currently working as an Academy Research Fellow and heading the Photoactive Organic Materials group. His research interests lie at the interface of chemistry, biology, and physics, working on the synthesis and conjugation of organic chromophores with biological scaffolds such as proteins, DNA origami, and cellulose derivatives, in order to develop biohybrids with optoelectronic properties.

Current Group Members: PostDocs


Dr. Boxuan Shen

Dr. Boxuan Shen received his M.Sc. (2012) and Ph.D. (2018) degrees in Physics from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Currently he works as a postdoctoral researcher in Biohybrid Materials research group at the Aalto University. His research interests include structural DNA nanotechnology, nanolithography, self-assembled materials, plasmonics and molecular electronics.

Yu Zhou

Yu Zhou

I finished my Ph.D. training at the University of Groningen and RWTH Aachen University in 2021 with Prof. Andreas Herrmann. During that, I focused on using mechanical force to control protein activity and developing protein-based optical force sensors. Afterward, I moved to Aalto University as a postdoc in Prof. Mauri Kostiainen's group. The goal of my research is to find an elegant way to combine the protein cages and the other synthetic materials for novel catalysis applications.


Swarnalok De (together with prof. J. Vapaavuori)

I did my PhD on plant virology as a student of the Doctoral Programme in Plant Sciences (DPPS) at the University of Helsinki in 2014-2019 (Plant-Virus Interactions group). The major focus of my doctoral research was to understand the molecular mechanisms behind different roles potyviral silencing suppressor HCPro plays during PVA infection cycle." 

In 2020, I received a one-year postdoctoral grant from The Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation and joined the 'Multifunctional Materials Design' research group at Aalto University to study material science aspects of potato virus A nanoparticles. I joined the BiHy group in 2022. 

My current research activities focus on producing functional nano-structures with potato virus A particles via various self-assembly techniques (virus nanotechnology). 


Dr. Lijo George

Chemistry professional with research experience in academia and in pharmaceutical industry. Strong background in synthetic organic chemistry, photochemistry and polymer chemistry. Well versed in multi-step synthesis and purification of organic compounds that find application in pharmaceutical and material science. Experience in polymer synthesis using techniques such as ring-opening polymerization, atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), polyurethane and polyester polymerization.

Current Group Members: PhD Students

Daniel Langerreiter

Daniel Langerreiter

I obtained my master degree at University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology in Chemistry and Materials Technology, where I developed my interest in materials. In the master study, I specialized on materials synthesis and characterization, predominantly in functional solid-state materials.

I joined the BiHy group in the middle of May 2020 and started working on my PhD project, which is about developing new biohybrid materials on synthesizing and characterizing DNAzymes.

Seitz Iris

Seitz Iris

I am part of the BiHy group since summer 2020 in order to conduct my doctoral studies, after completing my M.Sc. studies in Nanobiotechnology at Aalborg University (Denmark) and B.Sc. studies in Innsbruck (Austria). I am very much interested in research conducted at the interface of physics, chemistry and biology including the functionalization of DNA nanostructures and self-assembly, for example sensing using DNA and DNA cages for drug delivery. I will be working on engineering of DNAzymes and the encapsulation of DNA origami structures for efficient delivery.


Alba Sanz Velasco

I finished my Bachelor´s Degree in chemistry at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). Being already aware of my interest in R&D, I studied a Master´s Degree in Applied Research in Chemical and Paharmaceutical Industry (Barcelona, Spain). Then, having received a fellowship in Medical Chemistry on IQM-CSIC (Spain) I moved to Madrid. At the same time, I started a Master´s Degree at UNED (Spain) focused on the synthesis of photoswitchable compounds for ACh receptors. I joined BiHy group in November 2021 to start a PhD project based on the encapsulation of highly-emitting fluorophores within protein cages. 

Luotonen Otso photo

Otso Luotonen

I received my MSc degree in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials engineering from Aalto University in 2022, with a major in Fibre and Polymer Engineering and minor studies centred mostly on nanomaterials and surface science. I carried out my master’s thesis work in Orlando Rojas’ group Biobased Colloids and Materials, where I also worked as a research assistant afterwards. I also have background in biochemistry from my BSC degree at KU Leuven (Belgium) and work as research assistant at VTT.

As of 2022, I am part of the Biohybrid Materials group as a doctoral researcher, funded by the LIBER (Life Inspired Hybrid Materials) Centre of Excellence.


Sharon Saarinen

I studied in the Life Science Technology Master’s programme in Aalto University with Biosystems and Biomaterials engineering as my major. I’ve also completed my BSc in Bioinformation technology in Aalto with chemistry as my minor. I first joined the BiHy group in May 2021 as a summer intern, and now I’m doing my PhD thesis about encapsulating RNA/DNA hybrid origamis.


Agnes Zerolová

I finished my BSc. degree in Nanotechnology from Technical University of Liberec (Czechia). During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to do an internship at J. Heyrovsky Institute of CAS (Czechia), where I was working on DNA origami research for 4 years. I obtained my MSc. degree in Nanotechnology from Technical University of Liberec (Czechia), which focused on DNA origami nanostructures for applications in medicine. I joined the BiHy group in autumn 2023 as a PhD student. My research focuses on DNA based hybrid nanopore devices.

Eeva Enlund

Eeva Enlund

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with a major in Bioproducts. In May 2022, I joined the Biohybrid materials group as a summer trainee and continued as a part-time research assistant during my Master’s studies in Biotechnology at Aalto University. I also conducted my Master’s thesis with the group. I started my PhD in the group in the spring of 2024, focusing on DNA origami stability and coating.

Current Group Members: Master Students


Lotta Rosenlöf

Julia Wierzchowiecka 

Weronika Wojnicka

Weronika Wojnicka

I have completed my B.Sc. studies in Chemical Engineering at Aalto University. Currently, I am completing my M.Sc. degree in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering with a major in Biotechnology at Aalto University. Previously, I have done research in the semiconductor area, and in this group, I will be doing work related to DNA origami

Rasmus Rantanen

Rasmus Rantanen 

Currently, I’m studying in the Master’s programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials engineering at Aalto University with a major in Biotechnology. I’ve completed my B.Sc. at Aalto University in the Biotechnology and Chemical technology major with a minor in Industrial engineering and management. I joined BiHy group to complete my master’s thesis, which relates to disrupting bacterial quorum sensing via host-guest chemistry.

Current Group Members: Trainees


Veikko Linko

Dr. Veikko Linko

Dr. Veikko Linko is a Research Fellow who holds two Docentships; one in Chemical Engineering (field: Bionanotechnology) at the Aalto University and another in Physics (field: Molecular Nanotechnology) at the University of Jyväskylä. His research interests include DNA nanotechnology, self-assembled and biohybrid materials, drug-delivery applications, nanolithography, molecular electronics and plasmonics. (homepage)

Anna Klose

Alumni (continued to):

  • Prof. Sandra Kaabel (tenure track professor at Aalto University)
  • Dr. Sofia Julin (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • Dr. Petteri Piskunen 
  • Obed Rodriguez-Perez (continues studies at University of Helsinki)
  • Dr. Ahmed Shaukat (Durham University)
  • M.Sc. Emilia Tomm (continues PhD studies at Paderborn University)
  • M.Sc. Saber Amri (continues PhD studies at Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier University)
  • Dr. Katja Heise (Group Leader at Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg)
  • Prof. Veikko Linko (Associate Professor at University of Tartu)
  • M.Sc. Anniina Savolainen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • M.Sc. Olajide Ogunyemi (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • B.Sc. Aya Kähäri (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • M.Sc. Nashwa Atallah (continues PhD studies at Aalto University)
  • Dr. Heini Ijäs (Technical University of Munich)
  • Dr. Qing Liu (Research Leader at UCAS Wenzhou, China)
  • Dr. Kalle Lintinen (LignoSphere Company and Aalto University)
  • Dr. Sami Nummelin
  • Ojasalo Sofia (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Saarinen Sharon (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Hart Emily (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Stubb Henrik (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Kyllönen Daniella (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • M. Sc. Nadine Best (continues PhD studies at Fraunhofer IMM, Mainz)
  • Dr. Boxuan Shen (Karolinska Institute)
  • Dr. Antti Korpi  (The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI))
  • M.Sc. Alexander Fusi (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • M.Sc. Henri Sydänmaanlakka (Tekmala Oy)
  • Dr. Salla Välimäki (Tikkurila)
  • Inka Lehtonen (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Mikko Korkiakoski (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • M.Sc. Ahmed (continues as a doctoral candidate)
  • M.Sc. Taofik Araba
  • M.Sc. Ekaterina Sakarinen (Microsoft)
  • M.Sc. Iiris Hakaste (Boston Scientific)
  • Dr. Apeksha Damania (Guidehouse)
  • Henri Sydänmaanlakka (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Dandan Hou (continues studies at Aalto University)
  • Aykut Bilir (continues studies at Hacettepe University)
  • Piotr Skumial (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Dr. Kodiah Beyeh (Assistant professor at Oakland University)
  • Dr. Ari Ora (continues teaching at Aalto University)
  • Dr. Ville Liljeström (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Lotta Gustavsson (Stockholm University)
  • M.Sc. Alisa Kopilow (StatFinn)
  • Ekaterina Sakarinen (Helmholtz Institute, Berlin)
  • M.Sc. Markus Ronkainen
  • M.Sc. Sanna Luiro (DuPont)
  • M.Sc. Henni Auvinen (Biolin Scientific)
  • M.Sc. Juhana Kommeri (Qvik)
  • Maria Heilala (continues studies at University of Helsinki)
  • Dr. Joona Mikkilä (University of Helsinki)
  • M.Sc. Faizan Asad (ThirdEye)
  • M.Sc. Erika Järvihaavisto (Oy Fision Ltd.)
  • M.Sc. Jenny Kiviaho (Metropolia, University of Applied Sciences)
  • Lotta Gustavsson (continues studies at University of Helsinki)
  • Laura Aarnos (continues studies at Aalto / Nanyang Technological University, Signapore)
  • M.Sc. Eduardo Anaya (visited from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Dr. Salla Välimäki (Aalto university, School of Chemical Technology)
  • Lic.Sc. (Tech.) Pegah Khanjani (Aalto university, School of Chemical Technology)
  • M.Sc. Marika Eerikäinen (Murata Electronics)
  • M.Sc. Ville Lovikka (Aalto university, School of Chemical Technology)
  • M.Sc. Sari Tähkä (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy)
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