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Active Courses:

1. CHEM-E2100 Polymer Synthesis (5 cr)

Lectured next time in autumn 2022.

Lecture course on the principles of polymer synthesis. The course deepens the knowledge in the field of polymer synthesis, purification and analysis. Polymerisation mechanisms, stepwise synthesis of branched polymers, biological synthesis of biopolymers and conjugation of synthetic polymers to biomolecules are discussed.

Learning outcomes:

1. can identify and separate the most important ideal mechanisms of polymerisations
2. is able to explain basics of initiation and catalysis
3. is able to explain the formation of polymer structures and ways to affect them
4. can apply bioconjugation methods in theory
5. is able to choose the right characterization method of synthesis products

2. CHEM-E2165 Computer Aided Visualization and Scientific Presentation (3-5 cr)

Lectured next time in spring 2022.

Would you like to learn how to create striking 3D images to visualize your science projects, design journal/thesis cover pictures or eye-popping posters? Come and join our new workshop on computer aided visualization!

This course/workshop teaches how to make 3D rendered images of different science related topics. The course provides basic software tools for visualization, 3D modelling and rendering. The aim is to promote creativeness and artistic way of presenting science. Special focus is placed on the visualization of organic compounds, biomolecules and their animations. The course uses three open-source software products: UCSF Chimera (protein and volume structures), PovRay (text-based scene description) and Blender (3D modelling with GUI).

Learning outcomes:

1. knows the basic functions of the given softwares
2. can identify creative and artistic ways of presenting science
3. is able to produce 3D rendered images
4. can produce simple animations
5. can start working on a visualization topic from own study / research field
6. is able to present scientific topics in visually appealing manner

Previously lectured:

3. Biopolymers,   KE-100.4810, 3 cr (2015, 2014)
4. Modern Chemistry for Physicists,   Tfy-125.2013, 4 cr  (2012, 2013)

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