Aalto University student attended the European Student Assembly

Aalto student Sofia Pascolo participated in the European Student Assembly in April 2024. This event is one of the main activities of the European Universities Community aiming to give students a public voice in the European Union with the goal of providing recommendations to the European Commission.
Students at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg participating in the European Student Assembly.
Students at the European Student Assembly in Strasbourg. Photo by Banu Bekirova.

From April 10th to 12th 2024, more than 250 students representing 59 nationalities from 170 universities in the European University Alliances met in Strasbourg to debate current issues, formulating policy recommendations on the future of Europe and advocate them among stakeholders and decision-makers. A group of ten students represented the Unite! alliance that Aalto University is part of. Aalto’s representative was Sofia Pascolo, a first year Master’s student in Creative Sustainability, a joint master of Design, Business and Engineering. 

Sofia Pascolo
Sofia Pascolo

79 approved policy recommendations developed by students

Prior to the Assembly, the students worked remotely on topics addressed during the Strasbourg event. “After four months of working with motivated students from different countries and different backgrounds, we finally gathered in Strasbourg for three intense days directly at the European Parliament. The opportunity to work in these spaces, where pivotal decisions that affect the lives of all of us are made, was an incredibly stimulating experience”, says Sofia. 

Among the policy recommendations developed by the 11 panels, a total of 79 were democratically approved by all students and will be disseminated to the European institutions in the upcoming months. See all the policy recommendations here

“I was involved in Panel 1 covering the important topic of the European election year. Our policy recommendations aim to address the lack of information and the problem of misinformation, and to suggest ideas to encourage citizens' engagement in European affairs. The European Student Assembly is an excellent example of initiatives aimed at strengthening this engagement by amplifying student voices and promoting a sense of European belonging.

Participating in ESA allowed me to gain valuable insights into European policymaking processes and deepen my understanding of European challenges and opportunities. Indeed, besides working primarily on our panel topic, we were involved in inter-panel debates which further increased the exchange of opinions and knowledge between students. I participated in the inter-panel debate of Panel 2 Greener is better. How can the EU establish a responsible growth in the context of climate change? and Panel 8 Cure of the future. What approach should the EU adopt regarding health and more particularly the advancements of biomedicine?

The best part about this experience was the opportunity to play a role in addressing these complex issues for the future of Europe. Doing this together with like-minded and passionate students from all over Europe and beyond made the whole experience even more enjoyable and meaningful”, explains Sofia. 

Applications to the 2025 European Student Assembly will open in the fall 2024. 

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