Additional projects

Unite! partners have set up additional projects to ensure the quick and agile implementation of some specific focus areas such as inclusion and joint programmes.

IDEM - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Mobility

The Erasmus+ project "IDEM - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Mobility", aims to ensure and facilitate the full participation of students with lesser opportunities (e.g. students with disabilities, refugee students or first generation students) in all mobility programmes between Unite! partner universities. These are students who are still under-represented in traditional physical mobility programmes such as Erasmus+. When preparing to study abroad, they are very often confronted with structural constraints that make it much more difficult to realise experiences abroad. Discriminatory barriers and access challenges mean that many of these students do not even consider participating in mobility programmes during their university education. IDEM aims to develop concrete solutions to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to participate in mobility programmes between Unite! partner universities.

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Joint Programmes: Embedding Virtual Exchange (JPROV)

The main objective of the Erasmus+ JPROV project – Joint Programmes: Embedding Virtual Exchange – is to create a framework for the development of innovative and efficient Joint Programmes with embedded online elements. The expected impact of the project is to raise awareness among academic actors and stakeholders, offer applicable solutions for virtual exchanges, and share best practices through multimedia and virtual communities to foster knowledge exchange and enable co-creation and training.

The project runs from the 1st of March 2021 until 28th of February 2023. It has the explicit ambition to embed, for the first time, online elements in international joint programs in a coherent and structured way, leading to clear guidelines and models, addressing explicitly the horizontal priority of creating innovative practices in the digital era. The international joint programs that will be generated during and beyond the project lifetime, will aim primarily to facilitate access to international joint programs to categories of students that have been so far excluded from these opportunities for different reasons: economic, social, geographical, or physical.

The project will not only create the structure and technical solutions necessary to develop these new programs, but will also address the pedagogical content and approaches and will therefore lead to the creation of new innovative curricula, educational methods, and develop training courses for administrative, technical and academic staff that will be involved in the process.

The end result of the project will be the creation of concepts, as well as concrete brand new international joint programs to be offered partially or entirely online, and include innovative contents, pedagogical approaches and technical solutions.

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Online Teaching Digital Toolbox

This online repository contains the elements involved in creating joint online courses, including a technology toolbox, good online teaching practices, and a compilation of activities suitable for an online environment created as part of the JPROV project. You can also submit and share your own ideas and best practises. 

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