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We help employers reach Aalto students by publishing job and internship adverts as well as thesis and project assignments in Aalto CareerWeb.
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Aalto students are top students in their fields – arts, business, design and technology. Employers can advertise career opportunities suitable for Aalto students in Aalto CareerWeb. From below your find the forms to post your adverts. The student view for CareerWeb is restricted to Aalto students only and contains a lot more information on career related matters than just the job offers. 

In Aalto CareerWeb you can promote jobs, internships, thesis assignments, project work, freelance jobs, etc. Career Services validates all published adverts according our Terms and Guidelines of Publishing.

Only Aalto students have access to the adverts (up until four months after graduation).

You can also enhance the reach of your advert with our marketing services, by participating into our recruiting events or organizing one of your own.

Questions related to Aalto CareerWeb or other employer services in Aalto University? Send an email to [email protected].

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Recruiting a student will bring new ideas and latest insights from the field to your organization. 

In Aalto CareerWeb you can post an advert for  

  • summer jobs or internships
  • part or full time jobs
  • fixed term / permanent positions
  • freelance assignments
  • trainee or graduate programmes

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Offer an internship 

Internships are an efficient channel of recruitment, through which employers will get valuable work contribution and information on the education at Aalto University. By hiring an intern, your organisation will gain the latest industry views and fresh ideas. By offering internships, you will also build your positive image as a potential future employer to graduating students.

Internships are a learning opportunity for students, as it enables them to get to know various job tasks in their field under experts' supervision. It can also clarify the career planning process for students. Internship tasks should be such that students can utilize their knowledge and skills gained through their studies, as well as develop their professional and working life skills.

There are many foreign degree students at Aalto University, who are also looking for internship positions. Hiring a foreign student not only brings skills and competences, but also cultural knowledge of the student’s home country to your organisation.

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Thesis assignments and projects

You can also advertise a thesis or project assignment for students in Aalto CareerWeb. You can either promote a possiblity for a thesis assignment on a general level or provide a more detailed description of the assignment.

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