Aalto University Works

Multidisciplinarity will concretise as the K-block develops into Aalto Works during 2019-2025
Illustration aerial image of Aalto Works block, in beige and white, with the new buildings in natural wood colour
Aalto Works illustration image: Playa Architects

Currently in planning phase, Aalto University Works includes renovation of existing buildings, as well as construction of new buildings and a green area improvement project. This is the last block on the campus with major renovations. It is also the first block on the campus where old buildings are being demolished and completely new are build to replace them. There is plenty of municipal utilities going through the block and a power plant that generates heat for a wide area through natural gas and geothermal energy. 

After completion, Aalto Works will house the departments of the School of Engineering, Department Machine Hall of the School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto Design Factory, Startup Sauna, Aalto Ventures Program and partners of Aalto University.

Renovation of Sähkömiehentie 4 and Rakentajanaukio 4 are included in the project.

From idea to innovation

Aalto Works as a name builds on the history of the block as place for building, iterating and testing. At the same time it updates the concept towards today's activities of collaborating and co-working. 

Illustration image of Aalto Works block, parking area in front of the power plant on the left, with trees, forest and red brick buildings on the right
Illustration image: Playa Architects

Innovations are the result of successful encounters, ideas, experimentation and testing with multiple prototypes and continuous iteration. The vibrant Aalto Works brings together actors, spaces and opportunities to create innovations: tools for creating prototypes to be tested and research laboratories for developing finished products, technologies and new research results.

The block encourages interaction between learning, research and society by bringing together new ideas, top-performing researchers and students sharing their expertise. Together, they form the core functions of Aalto Works: ideate, create, develop and support.

Aalto Works schedule

Construction at Puumiehenkuja 5 began in 2019, and is set to be completed by the end of 2022. Building and renovation of Aalto Works block will continue until 2025.

The area plan was confirmed by the City of Espoo in October 2021, read more on their website.

Developer: Aalto University Campus & Real Estate
Contractor: Fira

Area planning: Playa Architects
Building planning: Helin & Co Architects

More information
Kari Haapamäki, Director of Facilities, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate,
[email protected], tel. +358 40 860 3807

Panu Sainio, Technology Manager, School of Engineering,
[email protected], tel. +358 50 567 8386

For media
Noora Stapleton, Senior Communications Specialist,
[email protected], tel. +358 50 353 1525

Data mycelium and a sculptural illusion - winning proposals of Aalto University's public art competition celebrate engineering

The artworks will be located in the K2 and K3 buildings in the Aalto University Works block

Read more about the public art competitions
Illustration image of public art competition winning proposal Mycelium of the Future by Pasi Rauhala

Aalto University Works illustrations

    Illustration aerial image of Aalto Works block, in beige and white, with the new buildings in natural wood colour

    Illustration image (aerial) of Aalto Works block by Playa Architects

    Illustration image of Aalto Works block, parking area in front of the power plant on the left, with trees, forest and red brick buildings on the right

    Aalto Works street view, illustration image: Playa Architects

    Aalto University Works relations to other campus actors

    Use design, illustration: Playa Architects

    Illustration image of Aalto Works K3 building facade on a sunny day, people passing by the red brick building

    Aalto Works K3 building facade, illustration image: Helin & Co Architects

    Illustration image of Aalto Works block K3 building facade on a sunny day

    Aalto Works K3 building facade, illustration image: Helin & Co Architects

    Illustration image depicting material choices for the outdoor areas at Aalto Works

    Outdoor area plan, illustration image: Sitowise

    Otakaari 2: Marsio and Kide

    Building of Marsio & Kide began in February 2022, to be completed in 2023-2024

    New buildings near the block
    Illustration image depicting what Otakaari 2 could look like, people walking and cycling near Otakaari and Maarintie, man with sunglasses looks to the viewer, its sunny and there's an event in the corner of the building

    Aalto University Works buildings

    Aalto Works renewable energy project

    Havainnekuva Aalto University Works -korttelista

    Aalto Works energy solution awarded as Energy Genius of the Year 2022

    The solution is based on connecting local production and the district heating system, as well as low heat and cold networks

    Aalto Konekorttelin havainnekuva: Helin & Co Architects / Aalto-yliopisto

    A unique, emissions-free local energy project to start in Otaniemi

    Fortum and Aalto University have agreed to modernise the heating and cooling system of a 10-building block to make it emissions-free and virtually self-sufficient. The area’s energy solution, to be renewed in two phases, will be globally unique.

    Energy Awareness Week event ACRE Image: Mikko Raskinen

    More renewable energy on campus

    Renewing Aalto Works block increases the energy effiency on campus


    Aalto Works news


    HSY's contstruction site remains in place on Konemiehentie

    Exception routes in the Konemiehentie - Sähkömiehentie area will continue approximately until the end of October 2021.

    Konemiehentie liikennejärjestelyt

    Part of the Konemiehentie will be closed - traffic arrangements are changing

    At the end of January, part of Konemiehentie and one lane of Sähkömiehentie will be closed. The ST1 site on Sähkömiehentie is currently being demolished.

    K3 building in the summer

    Check out the Aalto University Works K3 site online

    A Webcam has been installed to the Aalto Works K3 site to follow the real-time situation. The site has been started up during the spring 2021.

    Puumiehenkuja 5

    Aalto University Works K3 site is starting up

    The Aalto University Works K3 project is starting as planned during February with the renovation of the “Seaside section”, continuing with the demolition of the old office wing and the construction of the new section.

    Image depicts a white wall with the words IV Konehuone OLO sprayed on it in red, referring that the engine room for AC is that way.

    Aalto University announces two art competitions for a campus block under construction

    Proposals can be sent 4.1.-4.4.2022 for the competition open to all artists, arranged for the first time


    Campus news

    Donation to Recycling Centre's Boksi donation point
    Campus Published:

    Kierrätyskeskus Boksi donation point now in A Bloc

    Boksi is located on the 1st floor of shopping center A Bloc, opposite R-kioski, and is available during the center’s opening hours.
    KKJ Kauppa Otaniemi entrance
    Campus Published:

    New Asian grocery store, KKJ Kauppa Otaniemi, now open in shopping center A Bloc

    The shopping scene at A Bloc just got even better with the opening of KKJ Kauppa Otaniemi, your new go-to destination for all things Asian.
    Otakaari 1 kyltti Y-siipi
    Campus, Studies Published:

    Activities from Maarintalo to move to the Undergraduate Centre

    Maarintalo will be closed at the end of May.
    Path in the Laajalahti nature area
    Studies, University Published:

    Wellbeing route on Otaniemi campus

    The themes of the five-point welfare route are observation of emotions, fostering the relationship with nature, bodyliness, calming down, and reflection on moderation.
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