Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

Aalto University and the startup event Slush

As one of Slush’s Main Partners in 2020, we wanted to illustrate how cultivating a research environment where having an entrepreneurial mindset is encouraged and celebrated can profoundly change the world around us.
Slushin ja Aallon yhteistyöbanneeri

Aalto University and Slush share a long history together. Since its birth in the Aalto ecosystem in 2008, Slush has gathered the brightest minds of tech under the blistering lights of Messukeskus during the darkest time of the year. This year, everything was naturally different, and the event took place as a series of virtual get-togethers in the Node by Slush platform, built for the occasion. 

Aalto University was once more proud to represent as one of the main partners of Slush, facilitating discussion around research-based startups and the many different paths that lead to impactful entrepreneurship. Many of those paths start from Aalto.

The Aalto way of creating entrepreneurs: an entrepreneurial mindset – and giving chance a chance

Two stories, one focusing on Aalto students from all backgrounds finding their feet as entrepreneurs through opportunities offered by our community, and the other telling the stories of our researchers-turned-startup-entrepreneurs, were published on Soaked by Slush during the autumn of 2020. 

A Perfect Storm: Aalto University's Methods in Creating Conditions for Entrepreneurship Reserve Room for Chance

When Research Turns Into Busness: Three Stories from Aalto University

Aalto University, Europe's most vibrant startup platform

When it comes to fast, flexible response to change, we believe startups are a valuable asset. That is why we are also developing Aalto University as Europe’s most vibrant startup platform. We’re providing cross-campus collaboration, hands-on experiential programs, workspaces, mentorship, and incubation services. Up to 100 companies are founded every year in our ecosystem and 50% of Finnish startups that originate from universities come from the Aalto community.

Read more about what Aalto University's offerings for budding startup entrepreneurs

What if...

2020 was a year of diversity, adaptability and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. 


What if... entrepreneurship education was available for all?

In recent years, the startup community has focused on inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. We think they’re inspired enough. Now, it’s time to start doing.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... your business could benefit from a hybrid accelerator?

Aalto Startup Centre offers an on-demand tailored program for startups’ needs.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... good user experiences don't just happen by accident?

Experience design is a mindset that explores what the end-user truly needs and expects.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... entrepreneurship was the best tool for building a better future?

The best practices for a sustainable future will spread more efficiently if they also make sense financially.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... you've overlooked an important asset?

Make your business thrive with a holistic take on design.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... the pandemic is an acid test of our creativity?

Learnings from the COVID-19 crisis in Finnish food and beverage startups.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

What if... we worked with more people unlike ourselves?

Top-performing teams often have people from diverse backgrounds, and it’s no coincidence.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

Research Highlights: Our research-based innovations at Node by Slush

We showcased some of the most promising research-based innovations and startups rising from our ecosystem.


Reaktor Space Lab

Reaktor Space Lab provides premium small satellites and co-creates new space-based services together with partners.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations


Hokema develops speech technology for language learning.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations
Kuvassa keksijä Pasi Herranen VIS-elementin vieressä. Elementti on suuri, kiiltävän musta suunnikas.

VIS (Vacuum Insulation System) - An Aalto University commercialization project funded by Business Finland

VIS (Vacuum Insulation System) is a new technology based on the idea of creating a vacuum inside a wooden construction element with the goal of achieving superinsulation and a long life cycle while using inexpensive materials. By lowering the pressure inside the element, we are able to utilize a technique called “vacuum drying” which ensures that the element will stay dry and healthy even in warm and moist conditions. These properties make VIS a perfect construction solution for demanding environments, such as indoor farming, where many insulation materials struggle. The goal of this project is to create the most energy and cost efficient indoor farming solution in the world called VIS Plant Factory.

School of Chemical Engineering


Contiot helps the manufacturing industry to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and information security.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations


Cleandet is developing an automatic cleanliness detection system for hospitals, food processing plants, and public spaces.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations


SpectroCor brings a precise heart monitoring system for open-heart surgery.

Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations
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