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CleanDet's vision is to offer the fastest and most reliable detection and identification of contaminants and microbes via hyperspectral imaging using artificial intelligence (AI).

Microbes, sheltered by their biofilms, flourish on surfaces and are often barely visible or invisible to the naked eye at an early phase before they grow to become macroscopic. Disease-causing microbes, also called pathogens, on touch surfaces and processing lines in hospitals, long-term care facilities, food processing industry, hotels, cruise ships, airports, and so on, cause a very high number of infections, foodborne illnesses, and deaths each year.

The CleanDet solution will enable real-time automated detection and identification of contaminants from surfaces or aerosols in the air. It acts as an early warning system and allows immediate actions to prevent the spreading of pathogens. The AI can be taught to detect and identify pathogens as well as other contaminants of organic origin, rust, and chemical residues and to clearly indicate the location of the contaminant to the user. All data can be stored in a cloud for later inspection and analysis.

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