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SpectroCor introduces precision monitoring technology for open-heart surgery. Direct measurement of oxygen availability ensures cardiac surgeons optimal heart protection.

SpectroCor was founded when pediatric heart surgeon and organ transplantation specialist Tommi Pätilä met a medical engineer specialized in optical tissue spectroscopy Kalle Kotilahti. Their discussions about an inherent problem and need for cardiac surgery led to the development of a new approach.

During cardiac surgery, the heart is left without a normal oxygen supply for the time of the repair. The amount of cell damage is determined by oxygen deprivation. Knowledge of the oxygen status would help to optimize the operational flow and help to protect the heart. They developed a method to observe the oxygenation status of the heart at multiple levels, which can be visualized the data in real-time to surgeons. The company was eventually founded with Juha Rantala, a serial entrepreneur in optoelectronics who brought more insight into the solution and commercialization.

SpectroCor offers safety to patients, better workflow for the professionals, and savings for the service providers.

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