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What if... your business could benefit from a hybrid accelerator?

Aalto Startup Centre offers an on-demand tailored program for startups’ needs. It combines the both of best worlds of a traditional incubator and an accelerator program. With training, advisory and guidance from experts, early stage startups reach their goals.

Aalto Startup Center is dedicated to making the companies at the accelerator grow, develop, and sell their services or products.

Based in Otaniemi campus of Aalto University, Aalto Startup Center is in the heart of a vibrant innovative ecosystem. One of the missions of Aalto University is to foster entrepreneurship. To achieve this goal, Aalto Startup Center works closely with Aalto University’s innovation services to promote the commercialisation and entrepreneurship of R2B (Research to Business) projects.

Besides working with commercialization cases, Aalto Startup Center welcomes startups of the space industry and the startups offering urban mobility solutions.

What does a hybrid accelerator do?

As a Hybrid Accelerator, Aalto Startup Center runs a Business Generator program with the tag line “From Ideas to Impact” lasting 12 months with an additional 12 months, if necessary.

The Business Generator program provides startups with support, coaching, tools and modern, communal workspaces, as well as networks for fundraising. In the program, teams are prepared to validate their business and scaleup.

There are great technologies and research innovations being created at Aalto University, and Aalto Startup Center is able to help these teams grow into a business by bridging the gaps when research reaches the next level of creating a new startup. Over the years, one of the strengths of its strengths has been the long-term monitoring of growth companies by researchers.

In addition to turning research into business, Aalto Startup Center is involved with the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programme and the European Space Agency-Business Incubator Finland (ESA Bic) which both give funding opportunities to the chosen startups.

Aalto Startup Center is running the Korean Startup Center as part of its extended international collaborations. The Korean startups receive the same service as its regular startups, helping them reach their goals for scaling up their companies in the Nordic and European markets.

Aalto Startup Center has strong connections to the big corporates which is showcased by the many mentors who are experienced corporate managers mentoring the startups. Customer and partner relationships are formed. The leading idea of Aalto Startup Centre is building mutually beneficial relationships – the accelerator is essentially a sum of its collaborations and partnerships.

Aalto Startup Center

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