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Contiot brings the paper-based calibration certificate management to the digital age and creates new ways to use the valuable uncertainty information in production, logistics and maintenance.

The Contiot team is passionate about the quality, integrity, and security of industrial measurement data. In their vision, any piece of data has a built-in identity, enriching the original data with the authentication of its source and quality. In the current information-driven world this increases the usability and value of the data and grows new data-sharing opportunities. 

With the solutions provided by Contiot, customers can make faster and more precise decisions on quality, process optimization, maintenance and issue resolution, and they can prove unbroken data integrity and compliance more easily and more securely. Their approach prevents massively costly errors due to incorrect or missing measurement data. It can prevent throwing away months’ worth of production, being blocked from a market due to compliance issues or forecast critical machinery issues before breakdown.

Contiot is deep in the industrial processes, driving a major transformation in an old-fashioned industry area. With their competencies, persistence, and access to the right discussions, they know they can be the market leader for this transformation.

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