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International Joint Degree Programmes

Aalto University offers international joint masters programmes together with its renowned partner universities. These programmes have separate application periods and admission procedures than the rest of the Master's Programmes offered by Aalto University.
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What is a joint masters, or double degree, programme?

An international joint masters is an education programme, organised jointly by two or more higher education institutions that belong to the countries’ official education system and that leads to a higher education degree.

These programmes are two-year Master’s programmes, where you study at two universities and graduate from both. You can study, for example, one year at a European partner university and the other at Aalto, and graduate with two Master of Science degrees. The Master’s thesis is submitted jointly at both universities. The majority of the programmes offer scholarships for all nationalities.

In other words: you get two degree certificates, international experience and possibly some extra financial support in one package and with one degree’s workload.

The application periods for these programmes usually take place earlier than the application period for the other Master’s programmes at Aalto – some of them have application deadlines as early as in November of the year prior to admission.

A Bachelor’s degree from relevant field is a general admission criterion, but students on their final year of Bachelor studies can apply if the degree will be completed by the end of July of the admission year.

Aalto University has double degree agreements with universities in over ten European countries. Please read more about the programmes offered in your field below.

Tuition fees and scholarships

In Finland, there are tuition fees for students who are not citizens of the member states of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. International joint degree programmes have their own tuition fees and scholarship schemes, please read more on the programmes' web pages.

In the international joint masters programmes that have a programme fee, the student pays the annual fee to the programme consortium regardless of the university where she/he studies at.

Students, who study in international joint masters programmes that do not have programme fees, will pay tuition fees in accordance with Aalto University's tuition fee policy. Aalto University's tuition fee will be charged during the semesters the student studies at Aalto. A tuition fee waiver from Aalto University is given during the semesters the student studies at other partner universities within the programme consortium. This policy applies to the Nordic Master programmes.

Information about tuition fees and scholarships at Aalto University is available at Tuition Fees and Scholarships.

Nordic Master Programmes

Aalto University participates in the Nordic Five Tech (N5T) alliance. N5T is a strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland: Chalmers University of Technology; KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Technical University of Denmark; Norwegian University of Science and Technology; and Aalto University.

Through the joint Nordic Master Programmes students have the opportunity to pursue their specific academic interests in areas where the Nordic Five Tech universities have a strong capacity, expertise, and long standing tradition within research and education. These programmes are taught completely in English.

The application has to be made to the university which is coordinating the specific programme. The application process and deadlines may vary for the different programmes. Make sure that you read carefully the information specified on each programme description.

Please find information on the application process and deadlines on the programme web pages:

Erasmus Mundus Programme

The Erasmus Mundus programme is a co-operation and mobility programme which promotes the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It supports European top-quality Master's programmes and provides EU-funded scholarships for third country nationals participating in these programmes.

Information on the application process and deadlines are on the programme web pages:

EIT programmes

Aalto University offers a number of Master's programmes labeled by European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) together with other top technical universities in Europe. The programmes are built under the knowledge and innovation communities (KIC) which are networks formed by universities, research institutes, and companies. Each programme and each KIC has their own characteristics but common features for all EIT-labeled programmes are strong connection to the industry, integrated international mobility, and studies in innovation & entrepreneurship in addition to technical courses.

Unite! programme(s)

Unite! connects engineering, science and technology with the grand challenges of society in co-creation by students, faculty and staff. Unite! is a network of top technical universities in seven European countries. Unite! education provides skills for a new generation of European and global citizens who actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge, European competitiveness and the development of solutions for societal challenges. Unite! Programmes focus on multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual education.

Other programmes leading to a double degree

School of Business

Aalto University School of Business has double degree agreements with:

  • University of Queensland Business School, Australia (for Management and International Business students)
  • University of South Carolina - Darla Moore School of Business, USA (for Management and International Business students)
  • ESADE Business School, Spain (for IDBM students)
  • University of Cologne, Germany (for students of Finance, Marketing or Information and Service Management)

Applicants need to first apply and be admitted in the Master's admissions to the School of Business. Master's students of Aalto University School of Business can apply in the separate double degree admissions during their first year of studies. Please note that the double degree agreements are programme-specific.

School of Electrical Engineering and School of Science

  • Master’s Programme in Space Science and Technology (Space Master)
  • Reykjavik University, Iceland
    • School of Electrical Engineering: for Automation and Electrical Engineering students
  • EURECOM, France
    • School of Science: for Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • School of Electrical Engineering: for Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Communications Engineering
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), Spain
    • School of Electrical Engineering: Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Communications Engineering
  • Grenoble INP graduate school of engineering and management, University Grenoble Alpes, France
    • School of Science:
      • Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Computer Science
      • Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
      • Mathematics and Operations Research students
    • School of Electrical Engineering: Computer, Communication and Information Sciences students majoring in Communications Engineering

Applicants need to first apply and be admitted in the above mentioned master’s programmes at Aalto University. A separate double degree admission is organised during the first year of studies.  

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation, China
    • Master's Programme in Collaborative and Industrial Design (Tongji)
    • Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability - Master of Arts (Tongji)
    • Master's Programme in International Design Business Management (Tongji)
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