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International Joint Degree Programmes

International joint degree programmes are two-year English-language master's programmes in which students study at two or more universities. The application periods and selection procedures differ from rest of Aalto's master programmes. On this page you can find information on the joint degree programmes that Aalto University offers.
Aalto University students at Learning Centre

Nordic Master Programmes

Aalto University participates in the Nordic Five Tech (N5T) alliance. N5T is a strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland: Chalmers University of Technology; KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Technical University of Denmark; Norwegian University of Science and Technology; and Aalto University.

Through the joint Nordic Master Programmes students have the opportunity to pursue their specific academic interests in areas where the Nordic Five Tech universities have a strong capacity, expertise, and long standing tradition within research and education. These programmes are taught completely in English.

The application has to be made to the university which is coordinating the specific programme. The application process and deadlines may vary for the different programmes. Make sure that you read carefully the information specified on each programme description.

You can find information on the application process and deadlines on the programme web pages.

Cold Climate Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Visit the Arctic and gain a unique specialisation in cold climate engineering. Boost your CV by studying abroad. Graduate with a double degree from two internationally acclaimed universities.

Cold climate 2

Environmental Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Environmental technologies and green engineering are amongst the fastest-growing markets in the world and there is growing demand for innovative solutions and new graduates

The Environmental Engineering Flow Channel at Aalto University's Otaniemi campus

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

Nordic Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (ISEE) is a world-class education in the energy sector and an international double degree programme leading to two Master's degrees. The programme combines sustainable energy engineering with innovation and entrepreneurship. The innovative aspects of the programme are related to both the advanced renewable energy concept in the Nordic countries as well as new businesses in the energy sector.

Aalto University personnel at the Slag2PCC pilot plant

Maritime Engineering (Nordic Master), Master of Science (Technology)

The Master program in Maritime Engineering is concentrated on ships, including yachts and offshore structures, their design, construction and operation and their interaction with the environment. You learn to apply rational methods within mathematics, numeric analyses, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics to analyze, design and technically operate ships and offshore structures. Moreover, you will understand the special, high demands to these structures for instance with respect to safety and consideration for the environment.

Open-water ship model testing in the Aalto Ice Tank basin

Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Master of Arts (Art and Design)

Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education (NM NoVA) is a double degree program between Aalto University (Finland) and Aalborg University (Denmark) in which students achieve a comprehensive understanding of Nordic practices and traditions in art education, visual culture, and cultural work.

NoVA study options

Erasmus Mundus Programme

The Erasmus Mundus programme is a co-operation and mobility programme which promotes the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It supports European top-quality Master's programmes and provides EU-funded scholarships for third country nationals participating in these programmes.

You can find information on the application process and deadlines on the programme web pages.

Security and Cloud Computing (SECCLO, Erasmus Mundus), Master of Science (Technology)

The world is becoming more digital. Can you keep up with its security and privacy needs? SECCLO is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme in the field of computer science, in information security and cloud computing. The programme combines practical engineering skills with a strongly research-based curriculum. The emphasis is on combining security knowledge with hands-on research and development skills in a specific technical area, cloud computing.

SECCLO (Erasmus Mundus)

Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (Bioceb), Master of Science (Technology)

As the first European joint programme focusing on bioeconomy, the Master’s Programme in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (Bioceb) trains future research and innovation managers leaping to the forefront of the sustainable development movement. They are well-prepared for tackling global challenges like climate change mitigation and the preservation of biodiversity.

Students in laboratory

Smart Systems Integrated Solutions SSIs, (Erasmus Mundus), Master of Science (Technology)

SSIs is a two-year joint master programme, with full student mobility between Aalto University, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with leading expertise in the academic fields of Smart Systems and Microsystems Technology.

SSIs is a continuation of the Erasmus Mundus SSI+ programme (2017-2020)

Re:Anima (Erasmus Mundus), Master of Arts (Art and Design)

Re:Anima is oriented towards an international dimension of the industry and the profession. It envisions the creation of an international community of animators who make diverse connections and create a network for future career endeavours. Re:Anima strives for establishing a high-level profile and a network of global connections, namely via the involvement of international professionals in the programme, including experts from international production companies. With the combination of the students’ individual learning trajectory and a broad, multicultural orientation, Re:Anima assumes a unique presence in Europe, and strongly intersects with the needs of the animation film industry.

EIT programmes

Aalto University offers a number of master's programmes labeled by European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) together with other top technical universities in Europe. The programmes are built under the knowledge and innovation communities (KIC) which are networks formed by universities, research institutes, and companies. Each programme and each KIC has their own characteristics but common features for all EIT-labeled programmes are strong connection to the industry, integrated international mobility, and studies in innovation & entrepreneurship in addition to technical courses.

You can find information on the programmes on the programme pages, and information on the application process and deadlines, on the KIC web pages.

ICT Innovation

(EIT Digital Master School)

Autonomous Systems - ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School), Master of Science (Technology)

From self-driving cars to robotic assistants, the Internet of Things, and AI-based software solutions – the future is autonomous. However, as an emerging technology, autonomous systems hold both opportunities and risks. The key to navigating this potential minefield is to not only understand the technology itself but, more importantly, be able to confidently evaluate autonomous processes and maximise the trade-off between business impact and resources spent.

EIT logo and a circuit board

Cloud and Network Infrastructures - ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School), Master of Science (Technology)

When our networks became overwhelmed with connected devices and streaming services, cloud computing saved the day. Now, the so-called ‘cloudification’ of networks is set to unleash a new era of smart connectivity – enabling everything from Industry 4.0 applications to autonomous vehicles, 5G and 6G, augmented reality, and urban infrastructure.

Students in a library. Designed by pch.vector / Freepik

Data Science - ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School), Master of Science (Technology)

The Data Science Master’s offers a unique two-year academic programme, where students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities.

Cabels and EIT logo

Human-Computer Interaction and Design - ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School), Master of Science (Technology)

The Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) master’s programme is an interdisciplinary programme where our User-Centred Design approach places the users at the centre of the design process. By combining human aspects to technological and business aspects, we create new products and services with great usability and user experience.

Robot, cables and EIT logo

Sustainable Energy Systems | Energy Storage

Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT), Master of Science (Technology)

Real-world energy challenges, collaborative solutions, sustainable tomorrow - a pathway for an exciting future in sustainable energy and environmental work. This is a joint program leading into double Master's degree.



Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Master's Programme in Manufacturing and its Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility major are a combination of production science, mechanical design and production management. This is an international double degree programme supported by EIT Manufacturing that includes studying in two different countries and a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Zero Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Zero Defect Manufacture for Circular Economy (ZD) is a combination of studying manufacturing science, data analysis, and process management. Master's Programme in Manufacturing is an international double degree pgoramme supported by EIT Manufacturing. The programme includes studying in two different countries and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS)


Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (EIT Raw Materials), Master of Science (Technology)

Students will acquire an understanding of the full raw materials value chain and create a mindset for innovation and entrepreneurship focusing on sustainability. The programme covers the following themes: substitution of critical or toxic materials in products and for optimized performance, material chain optimization for end-of-life products, and product and service design for the circular economy.

Study options

Urban Mobility


Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (EIT), Master of Science (Technology)

Master’s programme in Urban Mobility, study track Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions (SUMT) is a master programme focusing on the holistic approach in study, design, development and evaluation of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban environment and mobility systems.

Study options

Unite! programme: Communications and Data Science (CODAS)

Unite! connects engineering, science and technology with the grand challenges of society in co-creation by students, faculty and staff. Unite! is a network of top technical universities in seven European countries. Unite! education provides skills for a new generation of European and global citizens who actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge, European competitiveness and the development of solutions for societal challenges. Unite! Programmes focus on multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual education.

News article: Professor Stephan Sigg: Communications and Data Science offers a good mix of relevant topics

Students studying together

Communications and Data Science, Master of Science (Technology)

The Communications and Data Science Double Degree Programme covers a range of timely, industry topics relevant to modern fields of engineering. Communications and Data Science is a two-year master's programme, with student mobility between Aalto University, Grenoble INP Graduate schools of Engineering and Management at Université Grenoble Alpes, or Técnico Lisboa at Universidade de Lisboa.

Study options

European Mining Course (EMC)

Aalto University's School of Engineering and Chemical Engineering offer the following joint master's programme: 

People wearing helmets and examining a tunnel wall

European Mining Course, Master of Science (Technology)

The need of mineral-based materials is growing globally, partly related to the new green technology. Applications such as windmills and electric vehicles need traditional metals, but also many high-tech metals that support the environmentally sustainable future. Re-use of metals is important part in the materials cycle, but it will not satisfy the increasing demand of metals. Minerals need to be extracted from the earth’s crust far into the future. The European Mining Course (EMC) aims to train experts who possess wide-ranging skills and abilities to respond to this demand.

Study options


Aalto University's School of Electrical Engineering offer the following joint master's programme: 

SpaceMaster IV (2019-2025) is a continuation of the original Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programs launched in 2004.

Space Science and Technology, Master of Science (Technology)

SpaceMaster IV is a continuation of the original Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programmes launched in 2004 and implemented by a consortium of leading European universities in close collaboration with research and industrial organizations.

Study options

School of Business

Applicants need to first apply and be admitted in the master's admissions to the School of Business. Master's students of Aalto University School of Business can apply in the separate double degree admissions during their first year of studies. Please note that the double degree agreements are programme-specific.

Schools of Science and Electrical Engineering

Applicants need to first apply and be admitted in the above mentioned master’s programmes at Aalto University. A separate double degree admission is organised during the first year of studies. Please note that the double degree agreements are programme-specific.

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