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A flourishing academic community is built upon a diversity of talent, backgrounds, and experiences. We can all contribute to fostering an inclusive community.
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Actions for diversity and inclusion

Do you want to help Aalto University build an open and accepting community for everyone? This page provides an updated collection of tips, inspiring reads, and practical support materials to guide you towards maintaining diversity and inclusivity as part of your everyday life at Aalto.


Diversity refers to all of the ways we differ, e.g. education, age, gender, nationality or personality traits – any visible or non-visible attributes that make us different from each other.

Inclusion refers to an environment of involvement and respect, where everyone can be their true self, feel a sense of belonging, and where our different backgrounds and perspectives are seen as strengths that contribute to a healthy and productive environment.

Handbook on diversity in recruitments

This handbook is intended for use throughout Aalto community in supporting us making excellent recruitments that foster both excellence and equality.

Handbook on diversity and equality in recruitments

Tips, toolkits and inspiring reads for fostering diversity

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Aalto

We aim to be a diverse and inclusive community where all students, faculty, staff and stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and can fulfill their professional, educational and social aspirations fully.

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Kuvassa eri-ikäisiä ja erimaalaisia ihmisiä työskentelemässä yhdessä. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen

Preventing harassment and inappropriate conduct

According to Aalto's Code of Conduct, equality, impartiality and mutual respect are the basic principles for the entire Aalto community.

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Aalto scholars engaged with D&I
With selected example publication


Rebecca Piekkari, Professor of International Business, Department of Management Studies, School of Business
Holding on while letting go: Neo-colonialism as organizational identity work in a multinational corporation (2020)

Saija Katila, Senior University Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, School of Business
He is a firm, strong-minded and empowering leader, but is she? Gendered positioning of female and male CEOs (2013)

Seonyong Hwang, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Management Studies, School of Business
Contextualising intersectionality: A qualitative study of East Asia female migrant workers in the UK (2021)

Young Ji, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Management Studies*
Gender Productivity Gap Among Star Performers in STEM and Other Scientific Fields (2018)


Antonis Matakos, PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science, School of Science
Maximizing the Diversity of Exposure in a Social Network (2018)

Barbara Keller, University Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, School of Science
Mixed preferential attachment model: Homophily and minorities in social networks (2020)

Elisa Mekler, Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction, Department of Computer Science, School of Science
Interactive narratives affecting social change: A closer look at the relationship between interactivity and prosocial behavior (2017)

Iiro Jääskeläinen, Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, School of Science
Emotions promote social interaction by synchronizing brain activity across individuals (2012)

Art, Design and Architecture

Annamari Vänskä, Adjunct Professor of Fashion Research, Department of Design, School of Art, Design and Architecture
From Harlem to High Street: Black and brown queer culture in menswear design (2020)

Anniina Suominen, Associate Professor of Art Pedagogy, Department of Art, School of Art, Design and Architecture
Feminism and queer in art education (2018)

Tiina Pusa, University Lecturer, Department of Art, School of Art, Design and Architecture
Cultural diversity in Finnish Arts Education Research (2019)

Are you an Aalto scholar conducting research in topics related to diversity, equality, inclusion? We would love to add your name to the list, please be in touch with Diversity Officer Anna Hynynen ([email protected])


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Research & Art Published:

New research: Companies with LGBT-friendly policies perform better

LGBT‐friendly corporate policies enhance firm performance, according to new research from the School of Business and the University of Vaasa.
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University Published:

Share your ideas for the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022–2024

How should we develop the equality, diversity and inclusion of the Aalto community? Member of Aalto community, please share your views on the Aalto.fi discussion by 7 June
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Research & Art Published:

International Women's Day 2021 - celebrating the women of PHYS!

Article highlighting the accomplishments of the women from the Physics Department
Campus Published:

School of Science announced 2021 equality implementation plan, and funds new diversity and inclusivity projects

The three community led projects will facilitate discussions about inclusivity, and increase representation of a more diverse range of people in science teaching and research


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