Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure

ABL facilities

ABL facilities consist of two measurement rooms (AC and DC), divided control area and a storage room. EEG systems and Eye Link 1000 plus eye trackers are located in the shielded room (DC), other devices can be used in either of the rooms.
ABL Facilities

You can borrow some of the devices (thermal camera and head mounted eye trackers) outside the lab.  There are many different measurement devices available like: EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR, accelerometers, thermal camera and eye trackers.

Device Manuals

Data Logger (ME6000) abl_manual_me6000_03_11_2017.pdf
Electroencephalography (EEG) abl_manual_eeg_31_10_2017.pdf
Eye Link 1000 Plus abl_manual_eyelink_1000_plus_30_08_2019.pdf
Eye Tracking Glasses abl_manual_eyetrackinglasses_02_11_2017.pdf
Thermal Camera (FLIR T620Bx) abl_manual_thermal_camera_04_04_2018.pdf
Thermal Stimulator (MSA, Somedic)     abl_thermal_stimulator_06_07_2018.pdf
VR-1 (Varjo) abl_VR-1_04_03_2022.pdf

MAGICS Devices (https://magics.fi/)

Pupil Invisible (Eye tracking glasses) ABL_Manual_Pupil_Invisible_21_09_2021.pdf

Stimulus Systems

Stimulus systems of DC-room     ABL_Stimulus_System_Manual_05_10_2020.pdf

Measurement rooms

Measurements rooms (AC&DC) abl_measurement_rooms_09_04_2019.pdf
Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

ABL offers various different devices, including EEG, Eye Trackers, Thermal camera, Thermal Stimulator, VR Headset, and Data Logger for biosignals (EMG, ECG, GSR).

Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure
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