Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure


Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure

ANI research infrastructure houses three functional neuroimaging modalities, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at Advanced Magnetic Imaging (AMI) Centre, magnetoencephalography (MEG) at MEG Core and Aalto Behavioral Laboratory (ABL). Aalto TMS laboratory was abolished in the fall of 2023.

General hygiene information (COVID-19)

General hygiene information for facility users (COVID-19).

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AMI Centre

Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre

AMI Centre maintains a research-dedicated 3T-MRI scanner, develops and maintains the related infrastructure and offers services to multiple research teams. Typical measurements at AMI Centre include functional and structural brain imaging or diffusion tensor imaging. In addition, AMI Centre develops new methods and applications of MRI technology.

Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure
MEG Core

MEG Core

MEG Core offers excellent environment for magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG Core has a state-of-the-art 306-channel MEG device (MEGIN TRIUX neo, MEGIN Oy, Helsinki, Finland) in a high-end 3-layered magnetically shielded room (Imedco AG, Hägendorf, Switzerland). MEG Core has extremely low magnetic ambient noise level and a wide variety of MEG-compatible stimulators and monitoring devices for successful MEG measurements.

Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure
Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

ABL offers various different devices, including EEG, Eye Trackers, Thermal camera, Thermal Stimulator, VR Headset, and Data Logger for biosignals (EMG, ECG, GSR).

Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure


Dave - Open house
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Open demo-day in DAVE of Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

Open house event for Dynamic Audio Visual Environment of Aalto Behavioral Laboratory on 7th of May 2024, 13:00-16:00
Risto Ilmoniemi, photo by: Hayley Le
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Risto Ilmoniemi: The most important thing is having confidence that others will be there to support and help when needed

'I have thought many times that I am going to give up the whole thing: this is not going to work. But I recover quickly: often already on the next day, optimism is reborn.'
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Riitta Hari: The exploration of the human brain and mind is captivating

'According to Olli Lounasmaa, ten meters is a distance where half of the information gets lost: the further you are from another researcher, the fewer unexpected conversations arise, and the more refreshing science gossip goes unheard. This is food for thought for remote workers as well.'
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