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External Evaluation

We regularly monitor the university's research, teaching, artistic activities and their effectiveness and quality. The evaluations are carried out by panels of international high-level experts.

The aim of external international evaluations is to identify the strengths in research and teaching as well as the potential for developing activities.

In the Research, Art and Impact assessment (RAI) held in 2018, an international panel of peer reviewers noted that our activities have a significant impact on society. Prior to this, Aalto participated in a Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) in 2009 to evaluate the quality of its research activities. The development of Aalto's research activities is also regularly monitored by Scientific (and Artistic) Advisory Boards (S(A)AB). For example, S(A)AB reviews were conducted in 2016 and, later in, 2021 with a focus on school and department strategic plans and follow up of the implementation of RAI recommendations from 2018.

Aalto University also participates in the international Teaching and learning Evaluation Exercise (TEE). This evaluation was carried out in 2011 and 2020, the latter with a focus on the strategic development of education at all degree levels. 

Explore topical issues regarding Aalto's major external evaluations, such as RAI, TEE and S(A)AB reviews on the following pages.

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Research assessments

Aalto University is continuously assessing the quality of its research and artistic activities, and its societal impact. In the RAI2018 evaluation - Research, Art and Impact Assessment - external experts praised, for instance, the enthusiastic and collaborative work atmosphere, university’s infrastructure, the tenure track career system and the student-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Scientific (and Artistic) Advisory Boards, SAB/SAAB, support the development of each School.

Research & Art
Accounting Impact

Scientific and Artistic Advisory Boards (SAB, SAAB)

The Scientific (and Artistic) Advisory Boards (SAB / SAAB) of our schools have an important function in supporting the development of the university.

Research & Art
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Teaching and learning evaluation exercise – TEE

The target of TEE 2020 is to identify needs for future development in education at Aalto, and make visible and evaluate the achievements during the 10 Aalto years.

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