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Each One Teach One (LC-0010)

EOTO - a tandem programme for students tutoring students

Each One Teach One is a simple tandem programme enabling self-motivated students to learn with and tutor another student in each other’s language and culture. These languages must be ones that are already taught at the Language Centre (Chinese, German, English, Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish). Students can earn 1-2 credits.

If you would like to develop your language skills outside a course or to supplement them with a student-peer, then this personalised and informal programme might be worth trying out. It could also be a useful way for those going abroad on exchange to revive their language ability and cultural understanding with a native or proficient speaker (CEFR: B2) of the language. Please note that the your proficiency level (the language you would like to learn and develop) must be at CEFR level A2 minimum to take part in this programme.


You can begin at almost any point of the year, but should plan to have about three-four months to complete at least 1 credit. There are several routes to get started:

  1. Contact one of the teachers of the language you would like to learn or tutor, see LC-0010.
  2. Go to our Facebook group and request to join. You should also place an advert telling others which language you’d like to learn and which ones you could tutor.

For more information, see our MyCourses page.

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