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Institutionen erbjuder examina i Nya medier, Visuell kommunikationsdesign och Fotografi. Den årliga ansökningsperioden är från november till december för magisterstudier och i mars för kandidatstudier. Hitta exakta datum och information om ansökningsprocessen på de enskilda programmens sidor om studiealternativ.
Prototype at Media Lab Demo Day

Institutionen erbjuder examensprogram i nya medier, visuell kommunikationsdesign och fotografikonst. Den årliga ansökningsperioden är från november till december för magisterstudier och i mars för kandidatstudier. Hitta exakta datum och information om ansökningsprocessen på de enskilda programmens sidor om studiealternativ.

Master's Programme in New Media – Game Design and production

Game Design and Production is a multidisciplinary major that offers a unique mix of technical and artistic aspects of game development. Students can apply for the major with any Bachelor’s degree, and accepted students include programmers, 3D artists, animators, creative writers, architects, and even psychologists.


Master's Programme in New Media - New Media Design and Production

The New Media Design and Production major brings together a multicultural group of students with very versatile skills and backgrounds. They all share the same passion of exploring the opportunities that new digital technology, such as artificial intelligence and social media, opens for communication, interaction and art.

Department of Media prototyping

Master's Programme in New Media - Sound in New Media

Are you passionate about discovering and widening the scope of sound design in the digital era? Welcome to study Sound in New Media Major Subject. The education is project-oriented, joining practice with theory. It combines art, design and media driven aspects of sound, covering a wide range of disciplines from concept design to live performance and from storytelling to programming. Teaching is fully in English, and students can write their Master's thesis in Finnish, Swedish or English.


Magisterprogrammet i fotografikonst

Välkommen till magisterprogrammet i fotografikonst vid Aalto-universitetet! Vid Högskolan för konst, design och arkitektur förenas inspirerande undervisning med en djupgående förståelse för samtida fotografi.

Photo by Petri Juntunen, called Untitled (Of Clouds and Clocks), 2019. A horse standing in front of clouds in the red-shaded picture.

Master's Programme in Visual Communication Design

The Master’s Programme in Visual Communication Design (VCD) is an international learning community committed to investigating new modes of action within visual communication. As a critical response to the contemporary conditions, the studies enable you to reconsider the established notions of graphic design. The programme supports you in rethinking and redefining your own design practice, in order to situate it in wider societal and environmental frameworks. By providing the competence areas of information design, visual narratives, and type & written language, the curriculum encourages you to turn your design practice towards the public and the sustainable, and towards multiple and diverse knowledge domains. The VCD programme provides you time and space to redefine your individual design approach, with continuous backup from community, collaboration, and peer learning. The studies support you in this with a combination of theory and practice.

Visual Communication Design

Doctoral Studies

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers doctoral studies in the fields of architecture, art, design, media, film and scenography. There are seven research groups and three focuses in which DA students can complete their studies.

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Doctoral hats in Aalto University Conferment

Lär känna våra forskningsgrupper

AVCD Research Group

Aalto Visual Communication Design Research Group is actively involved in researching the role of visual communication design and broader design thinking in a wide range of applied areas with societal impact, including sustainability, education, health and well-being.

Visualizing Knowledge - Photo by Sebastian Wolf

Embodied Design Research Group

Embodied Design Research Group studies embodied design as a design agenda. Current computing systems treat human beings mostly as connected minds, quite completely disregarding our bodily engagement with the world. Embodied design embraces the human body as a central resource for action, communication, and play.

EDG Research Group

Game Research Group

The game research group is led by prof. Perttu Hämäläinen, who joined Aalto in 2012 after a six-year period as the CTO of Virtual Air Guitar Company (e.g., Kung-Fu Live and Kung-Fu High Impact).

Augmented Climbing Wall - Game Research Group


Photography research at Aalto is mainly conducted at the doctoral level. In addition, we host a biennial international photography research conference, the Helsinki Photomedia, which was established in 2012.

Image of the Aalto ARTS photography studio by Antti Huittinen

Learning Environments Research Group (LeGroup)

The Learning Environments Research Group (LeGroup) is involved in research, design, and development of New Media tools, as well as their use in the field of learning.

+Andscape, Augmented reality sandbox

Sound and Physical Interaction Research Group

Sound and Physical Interaction (SOPI) research group’s main interests are centred on the broad area of Sound and Music Computing (SMC) and Sonic Interaction Design (SID).

Sound and Physical Interaction Research Group

Systems of Representation Research Group

The Systems of Representation seeks to make knowledge related to heritage tangible through the use of representation and digital media.

Systems of Representation Research Group

Studera vid Aalto

Här vid Aalto-universitetet tror vi på kraften hos nyfikenhet och uppmuntrar de studerande till att utforska det okända samtidigt som de lär sig och gör saker på ett helt nytt sätt.

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Naisopiskelija kävelee luonnossa.


Aalto har sex högskolor med nästan 11 000 studerande och 4 000 medarbetare, varav 400 är professorer. Vårt campus finns i Esbo, Finland. Cirka 40 % av den akademiska personalen kommer utanför Finland, vilket gör oss till ett mycket internationellt nätverk med en stark akademisk ställning.

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